Under BP rally for the resignation of the Cabinet

Under the Verkhovna Rada passes meeting with the requirement to send the Cabinet in resignation. According to the estimates of the UNIAN reports, on the Constitution square gathered about 100 people, according to «Ukrainian news» – about 200 people.

People are two groups. In one group are holding flags with symbols of «Svoboda», the state flags of Ukraine and a flag of «Right sector», as well as banners with slogans: «Government resign!», «Yatsenyuk is behind bars!», «Stolen billions in the budget!»

Individuals from another group are holding flags with the inscription «Party of the common people». This group has small mobile stage on which the music sounds.

Also, some of the protesters are beaten in an iron barrel. Among the slogans of this group — the demand for the resignation of the government, and one of the banners is written: «Zenaku — glace» («Zenaku — branch»).

The campaign is held calmly. The perimeter around the Parliament is guarded by more police officers, than usually.

As reported, on 15 February in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered a draft resolution (No. 4063) to reject the report of the Cabinet of Ministers and recognition of the activity is unsatisfactory.

Today, on February 16, the Verkhovna Rada will hear the government’s report.

The resignation of the Cabinet is supported by «Batkivshchyna», «Block Poroshenko», «Samopomich» Radical party of Oleh Lyashko.

Under BP rally for the resignation of the Cabinet 16.02.2016

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