UN: Yemen because of the war killed 1,400 children

In Yemen due to the war between Iranian-backed rebels and the coalition, headed by Saudi Arabia killed about 1,400 children, hundreds more were injured.

This was announced in the children’s UN Fund (UNICEF), reports DW.

«Instead of studying children see death, war and destruction», — is spoken in the message.

UNICEF calls on parties to the conflict in Yemen to protect children and stop the attack on schools.

We will remind, the situation remains unstable in Yemen after the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in 2011. In the beginning of the year, the country erupted into mass anti-government protests demanding reforms. During the year, has killed more than two thousand Yemenis. In the end, Saleh gave up power in exchange for judicial immunity. In February 2012, according to the results of early elections, the government officially switched from him to a 66-year-old Abdu rabbu Mansour Hadi.

In mid-August 2014, the country began protests of the Houthis belong to the Shiite sect «Zaidi». They claimed to defend the rights of Shiites in a predominantly Sunni country. After a month of protests escalated into clashes with security forces.

Many countries have condemned the coup in Yemen and the embassies of most foreign States, including the US, UK, France and Germany, have stopped their work in this country because of fears for the lives of the diplomats.

In January 2015, the Houthis captured the capital of Yemen. They dissolved the Parliament and forced the government and President to resign. However, on 25 January, the President decided not to go. Hadi, supported by unmanned US air strikes on the bases of «al-Qaeda» in Yemen, was forced to take refuge in Aden after fleeing Sanaa.

In October 2016 the United Nations presented a peace plan in Yemen.

UN: Yemen because of the war killed 1,400 children 12.01.2017

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