UN: the war in Yemen would cause a lot of hunger

The ongoing military conflict in Yemen threatens to cause the largest scale in the modern world hunger. This was stated by the emergency relief coordinator of the UN , Stephen O’brien, reports the BBC Russian.

Speaking at a meeting of the Security Council, he stressed that about 10 million people in Yemen lack food, many of them are on the verge of starvation. The UN official said that among the 2.2 million needy children.

«The humanitarian situation in Yemen is deteriorating. There has been an escalation of armed conflict. The country is conducting daily aerial bombing and armed clashes. Last week we received reports of 365 incidents,» said O’brien.

We will remind, since August 2014 in Yemen does not stop the confrontation between the authorities, supported by Saudi Arabia, and Shiite rebels (Huthis). UN urges the parties to the ceasefire to deliver humanitarian aid.

UN: the war in Yemen would cause a lot of hunger 27.01.2017

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