«UkSATSE» estimated losses from a ban of flights to Russia

Financial losses «UkSATSE» entered into force on 25 October 2015 sanctions against Russian airlines account for about 10 million euros. About it in interview «LigaBusinessInform» reported Director of «UkSATSE» Dmitry Babijchuk.

Russian airlines are in the top 5 users «Ukrainian heaven»

«According to the estimations of our analysts, the loss of the «UkSATSE» from already imposed sanctions amount to about EUR 10 million, i.e. approximately 11% of total revenues,» said Babeichuk, responding to a survey about the financial loss of the company.

In addition, responding to a question about support for sanctions against Russian companies, the head of the «UkSATSE» noted that a clear answer to this question is quite difficult.

«Political sanctions — to force Russian airlines to stop flying to the Crimea, and Russia — to act within the norms and rules of safety established by Ukraine in its airspace, which includes airspace over Crimea», — said babiychuk.

Also, according to him, in imposing sanctions, analyzes the economic effect for both parties.

«We have calculated that due to a possible complete ban of transit of the Russian airline will not incur significant financial losses. As for Ukraine, in the current economic situation of the remnants of the prohibition of transit (and it remains scanty, especially after the closure of Egypt) negligible will reduce our revenues. On the other hand, the imposition of sanctions is, in fact, the issue of security for Ukraine», — he concluded.

Russian airlines are in the top 5 users «Ukrainian heaven»

Today, the top 5 users of our airspace (transit and direct flights) — airlines from Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. About this informed the Director of «UkSATSE» Dmitry Babijchuk.

«Top 5 airlines for 10 months of 2014: UIA, Transaero (Russia), «Turkish building as well as», «Lufthansa», «the building as well as Singapore». For 10 months of 2015: Ukraine international airlines, Turkish building as well as, Nord Wind (Russia), Transaero (Russia), Azur Air (Russia),» said babiychuk.

Answering the question about the percentage of flights until October 25, the Russian carriers, the head of the «UkSATSE» noted that it is 20.3%.

«Since the beginning of the year and up to 25 October (i.e. prior to the date of imposition of sanctions) 20.3% of the total number of executed flights in the airspace of Ukraine accounted for the aircraft of Russian airlines. The share of Ukrainian companies is 14.3%. Comparing the figures for the first ten months of this year and last, I can say that the share of Ukrainian companies this year has increased to 21.5%», — says Babeichuk.

He noted that «UkSATSE» air navigation today provides services to more than 200 airlines.

For the first ten months of 2015 in the airspace of Ukraine was made more than 200,000 flights.

«Certainly, in comparison with last year the rating of companies by the number of completed flights in the airspace of Ukraine has changed. This was due to the closure of airspace over Crimea, the tragedy on July 17, 2014 (the disaster Boeing Malaysian airlines), after which Ukraine has completely closed the airspace over the ATO zone and buffer zone», — he concluded.

Help. Termination of Ukraine’s aviation links with Russia

President Petro Poroshenko ‘s decree of September 16, enacted the NSDC decision of September 2, 2015 «On the use of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)», under which fall a number of Russian companies, including the largest – «Aeroflot».

Similar to the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation heavyconbill «224 flying squad», «VIM-Avia», «Gazprom-Avia» and «Donavia», «Kogalymavia», «Orenburg airlines», «Flight», Red Wings, «Russia», «Rusjet», «ruslayn», «Siberia», «Transaero», «Ural airlines», «Yakutia», «Yamal» and others.

The decision to ban flights to Ukraine these Russian airlines, the Cabinet adopted on 25 September.

The SAS has executed all necessary procedures for notice of Russian airlines about entered against them sanctions from the Ukrainian side — all placed under sanctions the airline sent out letters of notification. On September 29 it became known that the Russian Federal air transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has notified airlines of Ukraine on the ban on the use of airspace of the Russian Federation from October 25.

Later, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky has said that Ukraine, imposing sanctions against Russian airlines, erects an iron curtain between the two countries.

Gosaviasluzhba of Ukraine on 1 October sent in Federal Agency of air transport of the Russian Federation (Rosaviatsia) a letter demanding to explain the reasons for the introduction of the Russian party of sanctions against Ukrainian airlines, as well as to clarify the number placed under them Ukrainian carriers.

The Minister recalled that the Ukrainian sanctions list were Russian 29 companies, 27 of which are illegally operated its flights to the occupied Crimea, and two Ukrainian companies, so-called nationalized by the government of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

«UkSATSE» estimated losses from a ban of flights to Russia 23.11.2015

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