«Ukrzaliznytsya» has temporarily suspended the return tickets via the Internet

The company «Ukrzaliznytsya» from December 12 temporarily suspended the return service of train tickets via the Internet. This was reported by the press service of the company.

«According to numerous requests of passengers the decision was made to avoid the creation of artificial shortages and speculation of further travel documents on trains», – told in the company.

In «Ukrzaliznytsya» explained that according to the analysis carried out by specialists, a lot of tickets at «peak» dates, particularly the winter holidays, purchase through the Internet in the first minutes of sales opening.

«At the same time, the trend of the return of a large part of redeemed tickets (mostly at night) that somehow correlates with an increase in demand for travel for popular routes. These data may indicate that the tickets EN masse and systematically repurchased for resale. The result is a preliminary artificial shortage, which causes fair discontent and complaints of citizens who intend to travel», – stated in the message.

In «Ukrzaliznytsia» stated that it lifted the restrictions after the «new year and Christmas traffic», but the exact date is not called.

«Ukrzaliznytsya» has temporarily suspended the return tickets via the Internet 13.12.2017

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