«Ukroboronprom» signed the contract with the investor from the USA, about which there is no information on the Internet — Butusov

On the Internet there is no information on the activities of the company Oriole Capital Group, which signed a cooperation agreement with the state concern «Ukroboronprom». On this site, «the Censor.NO,» wrote its chief editor Yuri Butusov.

«The site is a single page, where almost nothing about the company not mentioned, in addition to her American address. No-th-th. No projects, no names of managers or engineers. Other links – it’s just company data on databases. The investor will not invest and does not report on its investment activity nothing. Strange investment activity,» – said Butusov.

The experts found on the Internet information about only two employees Oriole Capital Group, one of which – civil aviation pilot, and the second is the communication consultant of several firms.

«Ukroboronprom» in its press release noted that Oriole Capital Group founded by leaders of the company Wamar International. However, the company was little known search Google, said Butusov.

«What they are doing and where to invest? And nothing. Turning the pages – and there are no projects associated with the company. There are no articles in the media, no press releases, even, reviews, only have contact information scattered across databases. But do not lose hope. Times is a high-tech company, probably, she participates in exhibitions, it has a lot of videos? Go to Google and YouTube and find one video… called Ambassador Visits Wamar International from 5 November 2011,» wrote Ukrainian journalist.

Pompously presented the contract with a structure that does not lead any noticeable core activities and does not engage in large investments, concluded Butusov.

«Then why do so solemnly presented the agreement with some unknown company, which is issued for a breakthrough and the «green light»? There is an impression that such a presentation should just simulate the annual report «Ukroboronprom» the efficiency of investment. But will these investments in fact – nobody cares» – he said.

«I hope that public outcry will force «Ukroboronprom» to disclose details of the agreement, timing of investments, conditions. After all, announced a contract with civil plant, alleged in civil aviation, nothing secret here. Because if the contract is not detailed, it might appear that (CEO of concern) Roman Romanov himself or misled as to an unknown «investor», or promotes false information with the purpose to mislead taxpayers funding «Ukroboronprom», – summed up the chief editor of «Censor.NO.»

On November 13 the website of the state concern has reported the signing of an agreement with the American Oriole Capital Group, which invests $150 million in production development of a family of multipurpose transport planes An-74 at the facilities of Kharkiv state aviation production enterprise.

«Ukroboronprom» signed the contract with the investor from the USA, about which there is no information on the Internet — Butusov 15.11.2017

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