Ukroboronprom explained why to sell equipment abroad and complained of underfunding

Ukrainian military did not have modern tanks «Oplot», armored vehicle «Dozor-B» and other latest technology because of underfunding from the state budget. Ukroboronprom will be sent to unpaid leave the majority of the members of the team of Lviv armored plant, said the state Corporation.

«Today, opportunities Ukroboronprom several times exceeds the capacity of the state budget of Ukraine. Yes, we fulfilled the state defense order by 100%, that is, gave the army everything she ordered,» – said in concern.

«But let’s be honest: our GOZ (state defense order, – ed.) several times smaller than the amount of funds provided for development programme of the defence industry of Ukraine. Simply put, the state is able to cover only minimum needs, without investment in the production, without investment in technology», – reads the statement of the Ukroboronprom.

«For comparison, Russia’s defense budget is almost $ 50 billion, it is more than the entire consolidated budget of Ukraine», – added in the concern.

The Parties claim that they are doing everything possible to minimize the damage from lack of budget funds.

And I emphasize «Investments, joint ventures, technology transfer, research and development are the tools that support the competitiveness of our «defense.»

«Thanks to the internal resources ourselves, without government assistance, came from the development and production of new products such as «Watch», «Phantom», «Turtledove». Even the project for the production of the M-16 in Ukraine is not just a rifle. This is a way to bring technology, to bring money into the country, to create jobs, scale industrial base and expertise of our employees,» – noted in the concern.

Also an important factor in the development of «defense» they call export.

«Everyone is sold on the export tank is a few tanks for our army at the expense of taxpayers of other countries. This simple axiom should all remember. Export allows us to scale production, to invest in new machines, to teach people, to raise their expertise. To criticize it can only ignoramuses and outright enemies of the Ukrainian independence», – said in the «Ukroboronprom».

Previously, the state presented a strategy of reforming the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. It involves corporatization, auditing, clustering, protection technologies, and the launch platform for the development of innovation.

The strategy of «Ukroboronprom» will create 5 clusters with possible involvement of private companies, businesses will be structured according to the types of weapons and military equipment: aircraft; armoured vehicles; shipbuilding and marine equipment, radar, radio, REB; precision weapons and ammunition.

This scheme has already created the first aerospace cluster, is a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing Corporation on the basis of the legendary «Antonov».

Earlier, Ukroboronprom with the help of infographic summarized the activities in 2016.

Ukroboronprom explained why to sell equipment abroad and complained of underfunding 26.01.2017

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