Ukroboronprom explained why he decided to make the American rifle M16

«Ukroboronprom» today, January 10, published an article that explains why Ukraine is going to produce the M16 rifle, details about the weapon.

The press service of the concern recalls that Ukraine goes to NATO standards, and now has a joint team with the two countries of the Alliance. In addition, the Ukrainian military involved in peacekeeping operations together with NATO countries.

«In each of these cases, one of the problems is the solution of a question of logistics. For example, in the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade of Polish soldiers use an assault rifle Beryl, 5.56×45, while Ukrainian fighters — AKM and AKMS caliber 7. 62×39. Similar problems are faced by the Ukrainian sappers in Afghanistan while participating in the ISAF mission. To solve problems with different standards of weapons Ukrainian troops were forced to use the German G36 assault rifle, which gave the Lithuanian soldiers,» — said in the «Ukroboronprom».

Creating weapons based on the American M16 is designed to solve this problem.

M16 is a modular rifle that will allow you to adapt it to the Ukrainian version of WAC-47 under a variety of calibers (5. 45×39, 7,62×39, 5,56х45 PATO) and ammunition (the powerful cartridge with a subsonic bullet in .458 SOCOM or 6.8 SPC II with high kinetic energy and stopping properties). You can install different length barrels (10,5”, 11,5”, 14,5”, 18” or 24”).

«Ukroboronprom» plans to transfer the first batch of Ukrainian M16 in combat units of the army. Reviews of the soldiers will allow you to make the necessary changes before mass production.

The group stressed that the weapon will be manufactured in Ukraine on the basis of licenses from the U.S. government. The first permission for testing and evaluation was obtained in December 2016.

We will remind that in Ukraine already produces a system for early detection purposes to monitor the border in cooperation with the Aeroscraft. The first of these was installed at the end of 2016 in Mariupol.

In October 2016, «ukroboronservis» and the Slovakian Grand Power S. R. O. has signed a contract on joint production of the K100 pistols and submachine guns K105 in Ukraine.

Ukroboronprom explained why he decided to make the American rifle M16 10.01.2017

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