Ukravtodor will receive from the state budget, an additional 15 billion UAH

State Agency of automobile roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) in 2017, will receive an additional 15 billion UAH for the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of roads in addition to the previously provided funding in the amount of UAH 14.2 bn.

As reported by the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, this rule is contained in the law on state budget for 2017, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada early on the morning of December 21.

«Planned budget «Ukravtodor» in UAH 14.2 bn MPs voted additional 15 billion, as promised by the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister and the leaders of the parliamentary factions of the coalition. Customs experiment in the direction of 50% of the excess of receipts from customs on the road circulated to all areas. The roads of Ukraine and the restoration of the bridges to be!» — the Minister wrote on his page in the network Facebook.

According to him, was also able to cancel the rate of increase is 9 times the administrative fee in the commercial sea ports, which could result in the financial destruction of the Maritime industry.

«Also found a significant reduction of the volume and number of port tariffs and fees and the reform of the administration of seaports and the establishment of a Maritime administration» — added Omeljan.

It should be noted that in the state budget-2017 MPs voted for a reduction in General Fund revenues for the position of «port (administrative) fee» at 1,344 billion.

Previously, the Ministry insisted on increased funding for the road sector in 2017 and 22 billion UAH 14 billion to UAH laid down in the previous version of the draft state budget for next year.

In particular, this amount the development and maintenance of roads was provided funding in the amount of 6.59 million, which is almost identical to the figure in the state budget in 2016.

More of 7.33 billion was proposed to allocate to the performance of debt on credits attracted earlier. In 2016, was allocated almost 12 billion UAH.

Ukravtodor will receive from the state budget, an additional 15 billion UAH 21.12.2016

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