Ukrainka created a startup that helps to choose the clothes, and got in the Washington Post

26-year-old Ukrainian Ludmila Neborak based startup Cluise — smart stylist, closet organizer and personal shopper and assistant.

The program will be able to combine your «bow» and advise what is lacking in your wardrobe, writes

Cluise for over a year, but a phase of active growth began with the publication of the review in the Washington Post. And editor of cult publication went out on Ukrainian.

Ludmila graduated from the printing Department of Kiev Polytechnic University, specialty editor, journalist and has a decent experience in journalism and marketing.

Investor of the project was Dmitry Sergeev, founder and CEO of Depositphotos, where Lyudmila came through mutual friends. He believed in the project and invested in Cluise 300 thousand dollars.

On the market for a long time, there are applications that help you organize your wardrobe. For example Stylebook — it costs $ 4, he has a big enough audience.

«But when I tried to use it, add one thing it took me about 5 minutes. I’m not a fashionista, now I have 144 Cluise things, but I’m careful about how I look» — said Lyudmila.

Often women do not always know exactly what they have in the closet. Cluise helps to sell these things to whoever they really want.

The program also is an individual approach to each user, gradually learning through the collected «big data».

Only when a person begins to use the application and clicks the «Dress me», he Cluise selects a base image. But when he starts to add things and Luke, the app learns to pick up new combinations under his style and taste.

«We are using mathematical statistics, probability theory, numerical optimization methods, discrete analysis. Each image, each added thing, likes or dislikes in the band help to create a unique formula user’s taste. What he wears, what other users like him. So we create a single picture and understand that this person has to offer,» — said Lyudmila.

Today 250 thousand active users Cluise added 1.81 million things in your wardrobe. 66% from Europe and 19% in North America.

In Neborak plans to sell through their program clothing. There is an agreement with the Ukrainian manufacturers that will sell their goods in the new version, which will be a store.

There is already an agreement with manufacturers about the discount of the wholesale price: «They now respond us positively. Let’s see what we can offer them in terms of sales volumes».

The app is free, and will remain, promise in the company.

Currently in the start-up team of 12 people two backend developer, frontend developer, two designers, one sales Manager, others — iOS and Android developers.

The company is registered in the USA, but the office and the team are in Kiev.

Earlier it was reported that British entrepreneur Richard Branson stated that he is interested in Ukrainian startups. At the world economic forum in Davos, he said that Ukraine is a strong talent, particularly in the field of IT.

Ukrainka created a startup that helps to choose the clothes, and got in the Washington Post 02.02.2016

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