Ukrainians will be able to get help using your smartphone

Since the second half of 2017 in Ukraine promise to launch Mobile ID. According to experts, the service allows remotely to help and give a digital signature, writes «Today».

«The ID should ensure that the remoteness, transparency and quality service, whatever the concerned – Bank, hospital, education, social assistance, public service, land, building, or something else. The person should be able in your mobile phone to order and receive service from the state without any contact with the officials. It will be a great achievement, including in the fight against bribery,» — said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a meeting with representatives of mobile operators.

As told in «Kyivstar» for the introduction of Mobile ID are required at the state level to develop a package of legislative initiatives that will allow companies to start implementing the issue of mobile identity. There is every possibility to run the service until the second half of 2017.

In order to use Mobile ID, you will need to buy another advanced SIM card, which will be recorded the personal data and a digital signature. To confirm actions related to identification in the Internet to the subscriber’s number will come SMS, only after confirmation of the requested service becomes available.

«For the ordinary citizen, a businessman is a huge savings of time and effort. No need to waste time on trips to the ministries and departments, wait in queues to collect certificates and statements to classrooms. All that is required is a mobile phone with Internet access and a special SIM-card with a digital signature. This is a huge advantage, especially for residents of cities and villages remote from the centre» – the Director for business development in the corporate market in Eugene Krajan.

According to the expert group «E-governance» Reanimation package of reforms Oleg Levchenko, there is a risk that the personal data of Ukrainians – passport number, room identification number and other information will be threatened. However, such a risk is always associated with any database data. So the state should take control of the protection of personal information of the Ukrainians, he said.

Recall from 1 November 2016 all Ukrainians are allowed to draw ID-passport.

Ukrainians will be able to get help using your smartphone 03.01.2017

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