Ukrainians massively sell their debts: from hopelessness to agree to barter and appeal to the criminals to media

Because of the crisis, Ukrainians are massively embracing the new «fashion» — sell distressed private debt to regain at least part of the loaned anyone money. And sell not only to professional collectors, but also dubious dealers. This trend was confirmed to us lawyers and security officials. In the communications Department of the national police said that complaints from victims of private lenders is now really a lot, but the problem is civil legal relationship that must be addressed in court, reports «Today».

Exception — if the borrower took money with the intent not to give — in such cases, his actions are considered as fraud, especially if such loans one person several.

As found out the edition, for the last six months in Ukraine there are many spezzato on which people offer for sale and as barter debts. If the summer these ads were one, in October-November, more and more borrowers sell them almost daily. On only one website, the publication counted a few dozen of debt sales totaling about 30 million UAH.

The history of «sellers» are completely different. Most say that money lent to friends for important purchases, but one of the creditors, Kharkov Sergeysays that his friend does not give 17,5 thousand dollars, which borrowed from it a bribe.

«I tired to fight it! The money he borrowed from me to his wife, that is have a witness, receipt. But now he refuses to acknowledge the debt. Now, selling for 30% of total amount», — says Sergey.

There are other cases. Andrew from Dnipropetrovsk oblast confided to us that he took the money to my friend, who later became deaf.

«Took at interest. I borrowed a little more than UAH 2000, with interest, the amount rose to almost 10 thousand. But now I want to regain at least that was a loan to live on something. If you don’t sell, I will contact the police, but I think everything will last long,» says the lender.

Another borrower sells the debt to 400 thousand UAH. Says he’s desperate to get their money back as the borrower is serving time in prison, and their property transferred to the mother. But, some borrowers admit that they have a duty to return the nature.

«Sell the debt to 123 thousand UAH to those who have more exacting than me, and knows how to «knock out» — complains on Craigslist one of the residents of the Ternopil region.

Not all debts sell for money. Some offer to buy receipts in return for a car and land. One of the creditors privateers sells receipt on 10 thousand dollars for $ 2,000, but adds: «Agree to exchange for a car or a plot of land».

In addition, there are facts when people are trying to return the borrowed with the help of criminals. The Prosecutor’s office of Vinnytsia region is investigating the criminal proceedings in which integrated two episodes. One of them said the Prosecutor of Department of regional Prosecutor’s office Konstantin GOSUB: «Three criminal «authority» working for a percentage and, threatening violence, extorted from a local doctor $ 5,000. He turned to us, and after payment of $ 1,000 extortioners were detained. They are charged under article «Extortion», they face up to seven years in prison. In office of public Prosecutor do not exclude that those who hire ransomware may itself become involved in the case as the organizer of the crime.

Earlier it was reported that the manifolds out of Kiev, even non-existent debt and lead them to suicide.

Ukrainians massively sell their debts: from hopelessness to agree to barter and appeal to the criminals to media 22.11.2016

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