Ukrainians have become twice as likely to deny Schengen visas

In 2015, the Ukrainians received twice as many rejections from the consular offices of Schengen States. This is evidenced by statistics of the European Commission on the work of all consulates of Schengen States, which is at the disposal of «the European truth».

The percentage of failures has doubled compared to 2013 (the last pre-war) year. Then the refusal of the Consulate visa received 1.7% of Ukrainians. In 2014 this increased to 2.0% due to a sharp deterioration in the statistics of a small number of consulates.

In 2015 the denial of visas received 3.4 percent of the applicants, the deterioration occurred in many consulates, and some indicators are significantly worse than average.

«Record» set by the Consulate General of Poland in Vinnytsia, where up to 12% of applicants received an official refusal. Last year at this same Consulate was only 1.6% failure rate.

Second worst – the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine, where the refusals received by 7.2% of applicants (last year – 4.3%, which was considered quite high).

Also more than 6% failure rate that is the highest indicator – at the Embassy of Belgium (6.7 per cent), the Czech Consulate in Kiev (6,9%), Germany (6.0 percent). Behind them, the Greek Consulate in Kyiv (5.7 per cent), Sweden (5.7 per cent), Estonia (5.3 percent).

Striking statistical difference between consulates of the same country. For example, the Polish Consulate in Lutsk and Kiev have failures at the level of 1.4% and 1.8% respectively.

Earlier it was reported that according to the observations of the consuls of the Schengen States, in 2015, the Ukrainians in the number of consulates began to get more refusals to issue visas due to the fact that the Consulate received more falsified documents.

Ukrainians have become twice as likely to deny Schengen visas 23.03.2016

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