Ukrainians celebrate Christmas eve

On the evening of 13 January, on New year’s eve, old style, Ukrainians traditionally celebrate Christmas eve (a Generous Christmas pudding), or the feast of Melenki. About it writes UKRINFORM.

The name in the folk tradition — Melenki, Malanka, Milanka — the holiday was because the Julian calendar used by Eastern Orthodox Christians, at 31 December accounts for the day of Saint Melania the Roman, who lived in Rome in the IV-V centuries.

Following the Ukrainian new year’s rituals, the evening of 13 to 14 January, called generous because it is prepared for a generous festive Christmas table: for the second time during the winter holidays cooking Christmas pudding, but fasting, and on the table should prevail meats (sausage, soft fried meats, roasts, etc.). Top table is also made pancakes, cheese pies, meat dumplings with sour cream. The main celebrations Christmas eve is metrovaya, hen parties and girly «Melenki», «Goat». Metrovaya — old custom of the traditional folk Ukrainian new year.

As soon as it gets dark, groups of shadowlike (mostly young people) spend a magnificent Christmas crawls and congratulations, during which the songs glorify the owners and wish them good health and prosperity for the whole year, and receive a generous reward. Cheerful songs today and enjoyed universal love and respect in Ukraine.

Traditionally, the bachelor party in «Melange» the ritual role of the main character played a guy dressed up in woman’s costume. Girls also go to seravati «Melancholy»: the most beautiful dressed as a «bride» and «groom» wear another girl.

Recall, January 7 Ukrainians of the Eastern rite Orthodox Christians, Greek Catholics and believers — celebrated the birth of Christ.

Ukrainians celebrate Christmas eve 13.01.2017

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