Ukrainians celebrate Christmas eve or Malanka

On New year’s eve, old style, Ukrainians traditionally celebrate Christmas eve (Generous kutya) or the feast of Melenki.

This name in the folk tradition — Melenki, Malanka, Milanka — the feast was given because according to the Orthodox Church (Julian) calendar December 31 to honor the memory of Saint Melania Rimlanin, who lived in Rome in the IV-V centuries.

Following Ukrainian Christmas traditions, the evening of 13 to 14 January is called Generous, because to him, cook lavish festive Christmas table: for the second time during the winter holidays, the Christmas pudding is cooked, but meat, and on the table should prevail meats (sausage, fried meats, roasts, etc.). To prepare a rich buffet including pancakes, pies with cheese, meat, dumplings with sour cream.

The main Christmas event is Christmas eve — metrovaya. As soon as it begins to get dark, groups of metrovalencia, mainly young people, arrange lavillenie Christmas crawls and congratulations, during which the songs sing of the hosts and wish them good health and prosperity for the whole year, and receive a generous reward.

Earlier in the Network has posted the first recording of the Christmas song «shchedryk» in the musical treatment by the composer Nikolai Leontovich. The recording was made in new York in 1922, performed by the Ukrainian national choir under the direction of Alexander Kosice.

Ukrainians celebrate Christmas eve or Malanka 13.01.2016

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