Ukrainians are advised not to «Maidan» in Uganda

The foreign Ministry recommends citizens of Ukraine when planning a trip to the Republic of Uganda to consider that from 18 February to 10 March in this country would be national and local elections, which may lead to the worsening of the security situation.

As reported in the Department of policy and communications Ministry of foreign Affairs, citizens of Ukraine, who are in Uganda, it is recommended that during the elections to be extra vigilant and careful to constantly monitor the news on the developing situation, to avoid places of a mass congestion of people, to limit the movement on human settlements, not to participate in protests and demonstrations, not to enter into disputes with local communities over issues related to the political situation in Uganda.

In case of contact in emergency or critical situations during your stay in Uganda, Ukrainian citizens should immediately contact the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Kenya, in the area of responsibility of which the country belongs, at tel: +254 733-366-366, email:, or call the «hotline» foreign Ministry: +38 044 238-16-57.

Recall that in 2011, the newly elected Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni promised to eat his political opponent Kizzu bezige, which refused to recognize the election results.

Ukrainians are advised not to «Maidan» in Uganda 03.02.2016

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