Ukrainian speech therapists introduced know-how in the treatment of children

To overcome the shortcomings in the speech of children will help the sand. To such conclusion speech therapists and even started using a special treatment stated in the story channel «24».

To prove that it works, decided in one of the Cherkassy kindergartens. And decided to purchase special equipment.

Through play and drawing on the sand, children develop creative thinking and getting used to the company of their peers.

7 tables with kinetic sand set in each group of the kindergarten. For preschoolers this is an interesting pastime, and for teachers-speech therapists – another method to develop children’s connected speech.

Pupils logopedic kindergarten is nearly a hundred kids. Problems in children are different from difficulties in the pronunciation of letters to stuttering. Sometimes these problems are associated with psychological strain for the child.

Working with sand, the child relaxes and is not afraid to make mistakes, because the picture, you can easily erase and create a new masterpiece.

The introduction of sand therapy is initiated, the management of the kindergarten. Developed a project and submitted to the city Council. On the implementation plan has allocated money from the city budget. To equip an artificial sandbox plan and other local logopedic kindergartens.

Earlier in Ivano-Frankivsk has created a unique mobile app that will seriously make life easier for people with special needs and moms with strollers.

Ukrainian speech therapists introduced know-how in the treatment of children 10.02.2017

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