Ukrainian segment of Facebook a virus attacked

Users of Facebook began to suffer from a virus that gripped the Ukrainian segment of the social network. Hackers are attacking users via a link to a video, which leads to the installation of the malware.

The infection process occurs as follows: the user receives a notification that one of his friends posted the entry and «noted» it. In the post is allegedly a video with a picture of a person who said user.

After clicking on video, the user goes to the site where it is installed the browser extension and so the page is under the effects of the virus. In addition, links to the virus can get through the private messages from a user’s friends.

«Radio Liberty has published a quick guide how to get rid of a viral video.

Such a virus hijacks Facebook is not the first time. In particular, one of these cases occurred in April of this year.

Last time for the treatment needed to open the task list browser and terminate the process that may arouse suspicion (for example — April First Prank Toolkit), to delete all the posts that were created by the program and remove add-ons Facebook that look suspicious.

Ukrainian segment of Facebook a virus attacked 31.08.2016

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