Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko celebrates 86th birthday

Today, 19 March, the Ukrainian poet, writer-sexagesima Lina Kostenko celebrates his 86th birthday.

Happy birthday its also congratulated the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The text of the message posted on Twitter.

«To be a contemporary of Lina Kostenko is a great honor! Thank you, Lina, for the creativity that inspires. Happy birthday!» — wrote Poroshenko.

Except for the President, the poet congratulated Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman , mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister was succinct. «Congratulations!» – he wrote on Facebook and posted a picture of Ukrainian poetess.

Groisman on the page in the social network noted that «our best congratulations on her birthday would happen if each of us will remember the line of poetry».

«Everyone has their favorite lines of poetry by Lina Kostenko, which for me is the soul of Ukraine,» — wrote the speaker of the Rada and asked his readers to post in the comments to his post on Facebook of their favorite poems by Lina Kostenko.

Congratulations to the Ukrainian poetess were also joined by the mayor of Kiev Klitschko, who called Kostenko «conscience and the symbol of the Ukrainian nation» and «moral authority», reported the press service of the mayor.

«Her sharp pen truthfully and without embellishment depicts our reality, in her poetry — and the horrors of war and disasters, and boundless love and great love to Ukraine», — said Klitschko.

The mayor noted that in many of his works of Lina Kostenko calls Ukrainians not to be indifferent, to Wake up and to act — «to do something, to leave», to fight for their country and language, for a better fate for our people.

«I wish you peace, robust health and long years of life, inspiration and optimism. And so you soon saw that Ukraine, dream, independent, peaceful, strong, happy and prosperous», — said Vitaly Klitschko in greeting.


Lina Kostenko was born on March 19 1930 in rzhyschiv, Kyiv region in a family of teachers.

In 1936 the family moved to Kiev. From 1937 to 1941 he studied at school No. 100, located on Trukhanov island, because that is where the family lived. The school burned down in 1943 along with the entire village. This is dedicated to the poem «I grew up in Kiev Venice».

After graduating from high school, he studied at the Kiev pedagogical Institute, then — at the Moscow literary Institute named after A. M. Gorky, who graduated in 1956.

Lina Kostenko was one of the first and the most remarkable in the galaxy of young Ukrainian poets who have appeared at the turn of 1950-1960-ies.

Collections of her poems, «earth Rays» (1957) and «Sails» (1958) attracted the interest of readers and critics, and the book «Journey of the heart», released in 1961, not only secured the success, but also showed a real artistic maturity of the poet, has put her name among the outstanding masters of Ukrainian poetry.

In Soviet times, Kostenko actively participated in the dissident movement. In the early 1960s he participated in literary evenings of the Kiev creative youth Club. Since 1961, she was criticized for indifference towards politics, was removed from the plan of shooting the film scripted Kostenko «Road winds».

Restriction of freedom of creative thought, different «opals» in times of stagnation has resulted in quite a long time the poems of Kostenko almost never appeared in print. But in those years the poet, no matter what, working hard in addition to lyrical genres, the novel in verse «Marusia Churai».

April 8, 1963 meeting on the ideological Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party ideology A. Skub stated: «Formalistic flourishes with the word inevitably result in distortion and Eclipse the ideological and artistic content of the work. And that is the case, show some of the works of young poets N. Vingranovsky, I. Drach, L. Kostenko». This was the signal for the pogrom generation of the sixties.

1963 — has not published a book of poetry Kostenko «Star interal», the book «Knyazha Gora» was removed from the layout.

In these years the poems of Kostenko published magazines in Czechoslovakia, Newspapers in Poland, and only occasionally in Ukraine. Her poems went in «samizdat».

1965 — Kostenko have signed a letter of protest against arrests of Ukrainian intelligentsia. Attended the trial of Michael Osadchiy and Miroslava Svarichevsky in Lviv. During the trial of the brothers Horyn threw them flowers. Together with Ivan Graczem addressed to the editor of the magazine «October» and the Lviv writers with the offer to act in defense of those arrested. The writers decided not to protest, but filed a court petition with a request to give bail to Bohdan Horyn as the youngest of those arrested. All this did not affect the course of ships, but had tremendous moral significance.

May 1966 — the Union of writers of Ukraine, where he denounced «nationalist extremists», some young people gave a standing ovation Kostenko, which stood its ground and defended Ivan Svitlychnyi, of Opanas Zalyvakha, Koseva Michael and Bohdan Horyn.

1968 — wrote letters in defense of Vyacheslav Chornovil in response to a libel on him in the newspaper «Literary Ukraine». After that, the name of Lina Kostenko in the Soviet press for many years was not mentioned. She worked «on the table».

1973 — got to «black lists» drawn up by the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party on ideology V. Malanchuk. Only in 1977, after leaving Malanchuk, came a collection of poems, «On the banks of the eternal river», and in 1979, by a special decree of the Presidium of the SPU — a historical novel in verse «Marusia Churai», had lain without moving for 6 years. His poetess 1987 was awarded the State prize of UkrSSR named after T. G. Shevchenko.

Peru belongs to the poetess a collection of poems for children «Buzinov king» (1987). Together with Arkady Dobrovolsky was written the film script «Check their watches» (1963).

Lina Kostenko is a laureate of the Shevchenko award (1987), bonuses A. (1989), the Petrarch prize (1994). She is also honorary Professor of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, doctor Honoris causa of Lviv and Chernivtsi universities.

Refused the title of Hero of Ukraine, and in 2012 the award «Golden writer of Ukraine».

Over her lifetime she wrote dozens of books, translated into English, Polish, Belarusian, Estonian, German, Italian, Slovak and French.

The author of poetry collections «On the banks of the eternal river» (1977), «Uniqueness» (1980), «the Garden of non-melting sculptures» (1987), novel in verse «Marusia Churai» (1979, Shevchenko prize 1987), the poem «Berestechko» (1999 , 2010). 2010 published the first prose novel «notes of a Ukrainian madman» became one of leaders of sales among Ukrainian books in 2011. The theme of the novel publisher Ivan Malkovych identified as a Ukrainian perspective on the world crazy.

Her poems and a historical novel in verse «Marusia Churai» included in the school curriculum in Ukrainian literature.

Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko celebrates 86th birthday 19.03.2016

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