Ukrainian migrant workers transferred to Ukraine $ 2.8 billion

Ukrainian labour migrants transferred to Ukraine 2,771 billion in 2014, but the level of savings, which they keep abroad, exceeds volume of transfers and nearly $ 4 billion. These data were obtained in the framework of the project «Study and dialogue in the field of migration and remittances in Ukraine», published on Tuesday, February 16, in Kyiv, reports UKRINFORM.

The results show that migrants prefer informal channels of transfer of funds (53%), bringing the money personally, or by passing through intermediaries.

The authors of the project say that in Ukraine most widespread internal migration for employment than short-term and long-term external labour migration. The number of current internal migrants is 1,643 million abroad to work left about 688 thousand Ukrainians.

In 2014, Russia was the main country of destination of Ukrainian labour migrants (30%). Other important countries were Poland (21%), Czech Republic (15%) and Italy (11%). However, 60% of labour migrants expressed the intention to return to Ukraine.

The study confirmed that migrant workers are keen to invest in infrastructure projects in Ukraine (22%), tourism (21%), retail (21%), manufacturing (15%), agriculture (11%).

According to the results of the authors of the study propose to establish a state body on migration/Diaspora, and inter-institutional coordination structure in the field of migration, to develop a national plan of action on migration and development that shows the impact of migration on economic development of the country.

It is proposed to consider the possibility of tax incentives and loan subsidies for investments into business and development projects, attracting migrants and their money transfers to Ukraine.

We will remind, the survey was continued for the 2014 — 2015 period. The methodology included three phases: a nationwide representative quantitative survey 20951 households in Ukraine, socio-economic survey 1890-term labour migrants in the border crossing points of Ukraine and focus group discussions in Ukraine and in three selected destination countries (Canada, Italy, Russia). The study was funded by the government of Canada and conducted by the International organization for migration (IOM).

Earlier it was reported that the Parliament wants to oblige labour migrants to pay taxes to the state budget of Ukraine in accordance with the tax legislation.

Ukrainian migrant workers transferred to Ukraine $ 2.8 billion 17.02.2016

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