Ukrainian designer Reva accused of racism

Ukrainian designer Masha Reva has announced the opening of the store on his page on Instagram a photo model, whose face was blacked out, and then deleted the picture. It is reported by Buro 24/7.

Users of the social network Instagram called to complain about the page designer.

Comments source Reva stated that, in her opinion, the black face of white model and black background emphasized line.

«I am sincerely sorry that this caused certain associations, but not in my power to protect people from the desire to be offended, insulted, or Vice versa. I communicate with the world through visual language, and it can be interpreted in different ways,» she explained.

Users, who accused the designer of being racist, referred to the phenomenon of «blackface». It is common in the XIX–XX centuries practice, when white actors painted their faces with black paint to depict on the stage or in the movies a black man. The image was based on racial stereotypes, which has fought the movement for the rights of afroamericanas in the United States.

Ukrainian designer Reva accused of racism 29.09.2017

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