Ukrainian cartoon «Nikita Kozhemyaka» sets new records in international distribution

The first countries where the audience saw was created with the support of the state «Nikita Kozhemyako», are Poland and Turkey.

For the first weekend of the first Ukrainian full-length 3D animated film grossed at the international box office: 637,023 PLN (4, 350 mln.) — in Poland and 423,552,43 TL (3,071 million) in Turkey, and the number of spectators amounted to more than 70 million, was transferred to a press-services of the state.

«We were very worried about how the international audience will perceive Ukrainian cartoon, because for Ukraine, this is the first experience. The first reviews are very positive, so we look forward to how it will respond to our Nikita in other countries!», — shared Dmitry Belinsky, producer of the animated film «Nikita the Tanner».

The Director of the cartoon Manuk Depoian said: «Everywhere the children correctly perceive good, funny and nice. They laugh and worry about the characters, as well as Ukrainian children. For example, worried that Nikita didn’t believe the witch.»

The following countries where to go «The Dragon Spell», is the name of the cartoon in the international box office – it’s Vietnam, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan and Hungary.

We remind you that «Nikita the Tanner» over the first weekend in Ukraine collected more than 5 million UAH. but in General, for the rental of 12 million UAH. and was seen by over 200 thousand viewers.

Ukrainian cartoon «Nikita Kozhemyaka» sets new records in international distribution 07.02.2017

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