Ukrainian biathlete took 3rd place in the sprint in the Norwegian Susane

In Sushine (Norway) ended the first biathlon race of the season 2016/17 in the traditional pre-season tournament where the prize 3rd place went to the Ukrainian Olympic champion in the relay Yulia Jim, according to the biathlon Federation of Ukraine.

In addition to an impressive army of Norwegian athletes, their main compounds were represented by the teams of France (with the exception of Marie Doran-Aber), Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, plus alone representing Germany ‘s Miriam gössner.

Yulia Jim showed the best result among the Ukrainians, with one penalty, going into the top three. Successful performance Jima in Sushine already become a good tradition — a year ago, Julia became the winner of the mass start. Looked quite decent and Olena Pidhrushna, also with one penalty rounded out the top six.

Note also in top-20 of Anastasia Merkushina and Yana Bondar and very Mature performance from the youngest of our participants, Kristina Dmytrenko, absolutely not stushevalas in the company of far more experienced opponents.

And won the race, the rising star of the French team Justine Breza – unlike its main competitors, she was able to do without penalties and showed at the finish the result is 23 seconds faster than the main hopes of the local fans Tiril Eckhoff.

Race results:

1. Justine Breza (France) — 22:07.7 (0)

2. Tiril Eckhoff (Norway) +23.1 (2)

3. Julia Jim (Ukraine) +36.6 (1) …

6. Olena Pidhrushna (Ukraine) +1:23,2 (1)

15.Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine) +2:32,4 (2)

16. Jan Bondar (Ukraine) +2:34,3 (3)

29. Kristina Dmytrenko (Ukraine) +2:59,0 (1)

30. Hope Belkin (Ukraine) +3:03,0 (2)

31. Yuliya Zhuravok (Ukraine) +3:04,4 (2)

37. Maria Krutova (Ukraine) +4:04,3 (3)

47. Anna Krivonos (Ukraine) +4:32,0 (2)

Tomorrow the girls will determine the strongest in the mass start.

Ukrainian biathlete took 3rd place in the sprint in the Norwegian Susane 12.11.2016

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