Ukrainian army is preparing for several scenarios of an escalation with Russia — Muzhenko

Ukraine is ready not only to the probable scenario of the «Crimean corridor», but also to much broader actions by Russia-backed separatists in the country, said the chief of staff and chief of the army of Ukraine General Viktor Muzhenko.

«We are considering a scenario of possible escalation of the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine to the aggression against Ukraine. In these scenarios practiced appropriate countermeasures. These troops are preparing for it, are completed, and today we are able to resist the Russian Federation. How we prepare, we anticipate, so we believe that these scenarios can be real,» — said in an interview to BNS Agency located in Vilnius visit to the chief of the Ukrainian army, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Chief of the General staff thanked Lithuania for the support in the supply of so-called lethal weapons and military advice on the establishment of Ukraine’s special operations forces, and also talks about possible government contracts for the repair of the Lithuanian weapons systems in Ukraine.

Muzhenko noted that there are no signals that the future administration of Donald trump change course and abandon the planned support to Ukraine. He recalled that the United States allocate funds for the reform of the armed forces of Ukraine in order to meet NATO standards, this financial support is estimated at $ 500 million.

«At least, from what we know from communication with the us military — no change not yet in sight. Then there are questions of aid, including aid and advisers, the issue of training (of our military) instructors respectively, including the question of financial assistance, decisions on which have already been adopted — all this remains in force. And any other signals we have today,» he said.

Napomnim, in September, the media reported that Lithuania gave Ukraine, about 150 tons of ammunition. It is primarily the cartridges of caliber of 5,45 mm to Kalashnikov that the Lithuanian troops don’t use anymore.

Ukrainian army is preparing for several scenarios of an escalation with Russia — Muzhenko 23.11.2016

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