Ukrainian archaeologists have named the main findings of 2016

Ukraine is an archaeological goldmine, because there lived many peoples have left behind many archaeological finds. This told the scientific Secretary of the Institute of archaeology Alexey Korvin-Piotrovsky, reports BBC Ukraine.

In particular, in September 2016, the archaeologists opened a new model home of Tripoli culture that existed on the territory of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania in the V-III millennia BC. This so-called doma «ski,» when housing is rested on three supports. Such a construction is found in Cherkasy oblast, says Corwin-Piotrowski.

In addition, on the outskirts of Kharkov in the Turkish Kurgan grave found jewelry Scythian times, the remains of the armor, shield, arrowheads, and horse harness and black-lacquered amphora with the image of a predator. The burial dated around the V century BC. And in the Kherson region unearthed a more «young» burial of Sarmatian epoch times. They found Roman pottery and gold jewelry.

Among other finds are remains of buildings from the bones of a mammoth in the Poltava region, the site of ancient settlement in the Feofania tract and a complex of underground constructions of XVI-XVII century in the centre of Nizhyn. And in the village of Neporotove on the river Bank opened a Paleolithic Park, which is about 150 thousand years. They found stone tools of the early Paleolithic.

We also add that in November in the territory of the National reserve «Khortitsa Island», archaeologists have discovered complex to implement religious rites with stone bookmarks and religious items of the period of bronze age — II thousand to n. e

Ukrainian archaeologists have named the main findings of 2016 04.01.2017

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