Ukrainian-American businessman: Selling apartments in the blockchain we threw the first lump of clay on the grave state registries

The blockchain and cryptocurrency will change our world beyond recognition in the next five to seven years. The state will regulate the process but to stop it already can not. On this edition of «GORDON» said Ukrainian-American developer Marc Ginsburg, commenting on the conclusion of the first in the history of the sale of apartments in Kiev for the cryptocurrency.

«Smart contracts and cryptocurrencies will change the world and make it transparent. The essence of the blockchain is that this technology chain locking devices. There is no Central server, relatively speaking, the room in which you can go, as President, mayor or Governor, and to clean the data. Man gets a paper for ownership of something. But the registers are not protected. Private registrars or notaries can go to the registry and to correct them. There are a lot of abuses. And in the case of signing smart contract, it becomes impossible. The transaction is made, data is left in dozens of computers a network of blockchains. A contract can recover owners, but, say, the Governor will not be able to call the head of a district and ask them to cut off someone’s plot of half a hectare for his godfather», – said the businessman.

He noted that the development of the technology of the blockchain will eventually significantly reduce the number of cases of fraud with real estate.

«Negotiating a deal to buy an apartment in the blockchain, we threw the first, but a big lump of clay on the grave mound state registries. The profession of an officer in such circumstances will quickly depreciate. They are no longer able to allocate resources. State authorities then in come young guys who do not take bribes for help, and to build a state. The blockchain eliminates the possibility of unauthorized interference, fraud. The notion of «to steal the originals» will disappear. I am convinced that soon 100 notaries will be demanded only five. Because the technology of the block chain reduces their function to confirm the capacity of the parties to the transaction. With the development of artificial intelligence and is able to make cars,» – said the businessman.

According to him, the transaction on purchase of apartments in Kiev made completely legal, it has been paid all the necessary taxes and fees to the state budget of Ukraine.

«While the cryptocurrency is not recognized in Ukraine and the national Bank are still undecided, but we found a way to pay all fees. In this transaction carefully calculated taxes. Clearly, they must be made to the budget in the national currency. In our case, the notary who is a tax agent, agreed to accept their payment in bitcoin (he’s an advanced guy), and he contributed to the budget in the national currency. This facilitated the transaction and made it immediate,» said the businessman.

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Ukrainian-American businessman: Selling apartments in the blockchain we threw the first lump of clay on the grave state registries 28.09.2017

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