Ukraine’s level of corruption has caught up with Russia and Iran

In the global corruption perception Index for the year 2016, Ukraine received 29 of a possible 100 points MZ, which is 2 points more than the figure last year. It is reported «Transparency International – Ukraine».

To improve the position in the world ranking of CPI contributed to the promotion of anticorruption reforms, but the lack of an effective judicial system and the de facto impunity of corrupt officials not Deut Ukraine to make great strides and overcome a 30-point barrier, called «shame of Nations», noted the experts of the organization.

TI explained that pulling Ukraine into the bottom of corruption, and proposed 5 steps

In the world ranking of CPI Ukraine is ranked 131 out of 176 countries. This step with the average of 29 points along shared with us Kazakhstan, Russia, Nepal and Iran.

Most points earned Ukraine the research of the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index, which is taken into account in the construction of the CPI. The indicator of our state in this study grew by 10 points compared to previous years.

Experts attribute this to the decrease in the use of official position in the Executive authorities (the index has improved by 14%), the police and the armed forces (the index has improved by 6%), but in the judicial branches of government, the situation remained the same as during the regime of Viktor Yanukovych. On the same issue was evident in the study World Competitiveness Yearbook which brought this year Ukraine +3 points.

High role of civil society in the embodiment of the democratic transformation study notes Freedom House Nations in Transit, this year it has brought to Ukraine 4 points.

Accountability of government procurement through the ProZorro, state financing of parties, the first antikorruptsionera National investigation Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), public participation in anti-corruption reforms – these changes, experts have called the most important.

But the biggest challenges the study acknowledged the weakness of institutions to ensure the rule of law, excessive regulation of the economy and the concentration of power in the hands of the oligarchic clans.

Negative assessments of Ukraine awarded research World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey (-1 point) and the Economist Intelligence Unit Country Risk Ratings (-2 points).

The business has seen significant corruption in the allocation of public funds and the judicial system recognized unable to damage it. Due to the operation of systems ProZorro and DoZorro instances of irregularities in procurement had become more apparent to businesses and the public compared to «paper» tender.

The corruption perceptions index is based on independent polls, involving international financial and human rights experts, including the world Bank, Freedom House, World Economic Forum. The index is a score from 0 (very high corruption level) to 100 (extremely low level of corruption).

TI explained that pulling Ukraine into the bottom of corruption, and proposed 5 steps

Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchyshyn believes that impunity and non-functional justice does not allow Ukraine to make a breakthrough in overcoming corruption. He was commenting on Ukraine’s position in the corruption perception Index for the year 2016, according to «Transparency International – Ukraine».

«In recent years, Ukraine has passed many tests and have achieved some positive changes in the level of disclosure of public finances, intolerance of the population to corruption, a new anti-corruption legislation,» he said.

«But the impunity that still feel corrupt, negates the positive achievements and does not allow reform to take place. No results for return of the funds of the regime of Yanukovych and his associates – a vivid testimony,» – said yurchishin.

«Unless there is a real cleansing of the justice system – we will not be able to break the cycle of impunity and to move to a qualitatively new level. The CPI improvement is impossible without transparent and fair judicial system that will be reliable for investors and business,» he says.

Analyst TI-Ukraine Alexander Best in an interview with DW also said that the growth in the CPI index by 2 points «insufficient for a country whose authorities have identified fighting corruption as its top priority».

«The lack of an effective judicial system and the de facto impunity of corrupt officials keep Ukraine on the «corrupt bottom,» said Best.

«Despite reforms, average citizens and Ukrainian business, international observers are now skeptical about the success of the fight against corruption in Ukraine. There are high expectations. And institutions that are designed to ensure the rule of law, unfortunately, is weak», – explained the expert.

He recalled that punished Viktor Yanukovych and his associates had not returned to the state assets, and corruption of the current authorities «was not the proper reaction.»

, Best noted that there are certain results from NABOO, where investigating for 25 industries for the analysis of electronic declarations, but the «results of the NACP is still no.»

«Returned in the budget about 400 million hryvnia due to the elimination of different «schemes», «Zaporizhiaoblenergo», «Ukrgazvydobuvannya», the case of the military Prosecutor of the forces of ATO Kulik , etc. But there are many obstacles. In an example, the judge Chaus…» – said the expert.

Transparency International Ukraine suggests 5 steps for real anti-corruption changes:

— To create an effective and efficient system of anti-corruption of justice with the assistance of foreign experts as neutral observers and partners.To clear the political elite of corrupt officials and punish her.

— Return of assets stolen from the state by former President Viktor Yanukovych and his associates. To ensure the trial.

Immediately start checking e-declarations and monitoring of lifestyle, ensure appropriate punishment, which would not be selective.

— To expand the powers of the National anti-corruption Bureau, allowing him to independently listen to officials.

— To audit and reduce the degree of privacy in the sector of security and defense in the following areas: the budget, the annual plans of public procurement information about the procurement and signed contracts.

We will remind, by results of the global corruption perceptions Index CPI in 2015 for the year Ukraine has managed to earn only one additional point, which was only 27 out of a possible 100. In the world ranking Ukraine was ranked 130 th out of 168 is 142nd out of 175 in 2014.

Ukraine’s level of corruption has caught up with Russia and Iran 25.01.2017

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