Ukraine will start registration for EIT

Sunday, February 1, at 12:00 begins registration of persons to participate in the external independent assessment 2016 this was reported on the website of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment.

The registration deadline is March 4. Recommendations on registration procedures is posted on the Center’s website in the section «contrib 2016: how to register».

Note, registration for participation in an external independent evaluation of persons who on 1st September 2015 at the age of 16 will be on passports.

«In 2015 we introduced a new methodology to measure results of external evaluation, providing for the establishment of a threshold «pass/fail» for each subject test mcqs. In this connection there is a need to improve methods of scaling test scores when translating them into ratings. Comments and suggestions on the principles should be sent before February 19, 2016 to the email address: labeled «Scaling,» according to the Center’s website.

In 2016, an external independent evaluation will be conducted on such subjects: Ukrainian language and literature, chemistry, history of Ukraine, English language, mathematics, German, biology, French, geography, Spanish, physics, Russian language. The total number of subjects selected for passing the external assessment, should not exceed four.

For graduates of high school of secondary schools 2016 the results of external independent testing in Ukrainian language and literature (in Ukrainian), mathematics or history of Ukraine shall be counted as assessments for the state final certification.

Registration for UPE trial ended in Ukraine on January 30.

Earlier it was reported that for students from the occupied territories will hold an additional session of EIT.

Ukraine will start registration for EIT 01.02.2016

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