Ukraine will be covered by a powerful storm. Drivers are warned about the danger

In the coming days, Ukraine will be covered by a very strong storm. According to the chief meteorologist of the portal «About the weather» Natalia Didenko, in the next 2-3 days our country will be served one of their strongest winds in Europe. In this case the element will overwhelm almost the entire territory of Ukraine — will avoid them except the Crimea and far East regions, writes «Today».

Forecasters warn drivers about fog and heavy rain

Wind gusts will reach 15-20 m/s, and in some regions even exceeded that mark. For clarity you can note that the wind speed will fluctuate between 55 and 70 km/h. It’s on the Beaufort scale adopted by the world meteorological organization, a «very strong wind», sometimes reaching up to storm level. That is, in the same classification, gusts can break branches of large trees to break the wires and even tearing the roofs of buildings!

Didenko advises employees of public utilities to consolidate the waste bins, after closing them, is garbage can easily scatter throughout the County.

Deputy head of the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center Anatoliy Prokopenko confirmed that before the end of the week Ukrainians really have to worry about strong winds. However, he does not say he will be the strongest in Europe or the world.

«Strong gusts yesterday, and today will be all day and will continue on 11 February. But I think that by Friday evening, almost the entire territory of Ukraine the weather will calm down. Such a wind is that the clash between two pressure systems (areas of equal atmospheric pressure. — Ed.). One of them is moving counterclockwise and the other clockwise», — he told.

Rescuers warn that in urban conditions during the storm should stay away from tall buildings.

«There were cases when the roof broke, and the window sills, and window frames squeezed. Satellite dish, antenna — they are all at risk during strong winds. But the main thing is to be careful. In such weather it is better to forget about the headphones and to look carefully at 360 degrees», — advises the head of the city of Kremenchug SSES Vitaliy navrotskiy.

Prokopenko added that one wind Ukrainians don’t cut it — we still await the rains. They will move from the Northern and Western areas throughout the country. Precipitation will begin in the second half of February 10 and continue until Thursday evening. The forecaster notes that by the end of the week in some areas you can wait and sleet, but it’s hard to tell. In this case, because precipitation may lower the temperature by 2-4 degrees.

Feel the changes in weather and weather-sensitive people. So, Didenko does not exclude in the next few days of magnetic storms and atmospheric pressure. Although, according to meteorologist, in the short term Ukraine will not get any powerful magnetic shocks — not peak until Tuesday. Although already late in the evening of Thursday, meteorologists promise weak magnetic storm throughout the country.

Forecasters warn drivers about fog and heavy rain

«On 10 February in the southern and Eastern areas of night and morning fog, visibility of 200-500 m, in the Carpathians and in Transcarpathia in the morning and afternoon very heavy rains», — stated in the message a press-services of management of traffic safety DPD of the National police of Ukraine.

As noted, the police advise drivers to be especially attentive and careful while driving to ensure compliance with the requirements of the rules of the road.

«When traveling in conditions of poor visibility move enabled low beam headlights or fog lights. Use of safety belts, keep safe distance, do not exceed speed», — stated in the message.

We will remind, the chief forecaster of Ukraine — marmot Timka predicts early but prolonged spring.

Ukraine will be covered by a powerful storm. Drivers are warned about the danger 10.02.2016

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