Ukraine urged the UN «not to bury your head in the sand» when it comes to military conflicts in the world

The UN Security Council and the Secretary General of the Organization could more effectively use its capabilities to prevent bloody conflicts even before they took thousands of lives.

However, due to the activity of aggressors, including in the security Council, and the passivity of other members of the Organization of a peaceful solution are blocked over and over again, said Tuesday during a debate of the UN security Council on issues of conflict prevention, Deputy foreign Minister Sergey Kyslytsya, reports «UKRINFORM».

«The security Council should use preventive diplomacy is more determined. Sorry, because of the obstructive position of one of the permanent members, the Council today remains blocked to perform their duties in many crisis situations,» said the Ukrainian representative.

He recalled that at the time, the General Assembly adopted resolutions condemning aggression and occupation of Crimea.

«But the attempts of the Security Council to stop the military aggression was once again blocked by a permanent member, who is responsible,» — said the Deputy Minister.

According to him, Ukraine is expected from former UN Secretary-General an appropriate response, but he «did not go beyond statements about their concern». The situation was similar in Georgia in 2008. Not better Affairs are and in the attempts of the UN to resolve the Syrian conflict.

«We witnessed the failure of the security Council to respond adequately to the carnage and massacres that took place in Aleppo and other regions of Syria after six consecutive veto of one permanent member. What is the result? Aleppo was bombed to pieces, a lot of innocent lives lost, declared a cease-fire barely held, and the prospect of a settlement remains to be seen,» — said the representative of Ukraine.

He stressed that conflict prevention is the most effective way to avoid human suffering, as well as the least costly instrument for resolving conflicts.

«Unfortunately, too often member States are hiding their heads in the sand until it’s too late. This template needs to be changed, to be sure, Srebrenica, Rwanda and Aleppo will not be repeated anymore,» said Sorrel.

The representative of Ukraine also urged the new Secretary-General play a special role in conflict prevention.

«We expect him to be active, objective and independent action, providing, in particular, attracting the attention of the Security Council to the most alarming situations», — he said.

This function of the Secretary-General envisaged in the Charter, but, unfortunately, not enough has been used for many years, stated the Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Ukraine urged the UN «not to bury your head in the sand» when it comes to military conflicts in the world 11.01.2017

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