Ukraine overcame the epidemic of African swine fever

Ukraine overcame an epidemic of extremely dangerous viral diseases of animals — African swine fever (ASF) outbreaks which in 2015 happens 40 times and led to the forced destruction of infected and potentially exposed them to pigs, said Minister of agrarian policy and food Alex Pavlenko during a roundtable Monday, February 10, UNIAN reports.

«Last year we overcame the African plague. I want to thank the service (the State veterinary and phytosanitary service – ed.) because we went through very difficult times. And now I saw the last report. More than half of the lesions were localized and cured,» said the Minister.

Pavlenko also said that in the fight against the epidemic Ukraine is ahead of neighboring countries – Russia, Belarus and Poland.

Earlier, the management of the Ministry of agrarian policy declared that the fight against the spread of the virus of African swine fever (ASF) in Ukraine will be delayed until at least 2017.

The state veterinary and phytosanitary service improved from ASF 36 points from 41 infected in 2015-2016.

According to the state veterinary and phytosanitary service, just 2015 registered 40 cases of ASF in nine regions of Ukraine, in Chernigiv – 13 flashes, Kiev and Sumy is 6, in Poltava region – 5, in Nikolaev — 4, in Rivne and Odessa – 2, in Zhytomyr and Cherkasy in – one case. In the wild happened 5 flashes.

In 2016, the specialists of the state veterinary and phytosanitary service has recorded one case of infection of ASF, which occurred in the Poltava region.

According to reports world organization for animal health (OIE), the world has witnessed an intense epizootic situation on ASF. Last year the spread of the disease was recorded in 12 countries: Latvia (577 cases), Lithuania (93), Estonia (393), Poland (31), Russia (84), Chad (1), Cape Verde (2), côte d’ivoire (2), Kenya (1), Nigeria (1), Zimbabwe (8) and Ukraine (40).


The African plague of pigs (illness of Montgomery) — a contagious viral disease of domestic and wild pigs. For the person the virus of danger does not bear. The disease is transmitted by direct contact of patients and healthy animals through pork products, mites and mechanically (by transportation means, during the movement of people and animals). Vaccine against the disease there. Nearly all specimens of diseased pigs die. The virus is destroyed by heating to extremely high temperatures.

Ukraine overcame the epidemic of African swine fever 10.02.2016

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