«Ukraine» is estimated at 10 billion hryvnia

The property of ex-President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych in «mezhigorye» the Prosecutor General’s office estimated at about UAH 10 billion. This estate has described in the past year and half of this amount has already been proven by financial documents, reports TSN.

Now described property is arrested, but not in General, and thematic units. Already a judgment for the vehicle, alcohol and real estate. Now the list has added another ship-restaurant. In the next two weeks, investigators served a lawsuit for nearly 20 facilities «Mezhyhirya.»

When the complete procedure isetia all property under arrest, finally count the cost and Projet t to the case of misappropriation of state Yanukovych’s residence.

«Spent on construction, purchase different kinds of things and so forth is not the final figure, it can be up to 10 billion UAH. This is with regard to costs, for example, a vase and documents costs so much. And where such documents are not to be appointed by examination», – said the head of the special investigation GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk.

Earlier the court arrested the ship restaurant Yanukovych.

«Ukraine» is estimated at 10 billion hryvnia 03.02.2017

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