«Ukraine international airlines» has made every effort to Ryanair don’t you come an expert in the field of transport Khizhnyak

If Irish Ryanair and the airport «Borispol» were really interested in cooperation, they would seek a compromise, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the expert in the field of transport Sergey Khizhnyak.

«Failure of the low-cost airline to enter the Ukrainian market and commercial situation. The airline and the airport is two businesses, not charities. Ryanair initially the conditions were quite hard. In response, the airport «Borispol» announced counter-proposals. This is normal, when the parties share with each other their positions. After that start the real negotiations. And here already all depends on the goals of each party. If Ryanair wanted to fly to Ukraine, «Borispol» would make their flights, they would be looking for a compromise. But when each party insists on its position, it turns out that we all saw. Just that they do not agree,» said Khizhnyak.

He emphasized that the Ukrainian politicians have often raised the issue of access to domestic market of the European low-cost airlines.

«The situation with Ryanair flights politicized from the beginning. All high-ranking officials and politicians, including the President and Prime Minister spoke about the low-cost airlines. Because people love aviation, it’s a popular topic. Therefore, there will be a separate background: someone will be find guilty in this situation,» – said the source.

According to him, the «Ukraine International airlines» have done everything that Ryanair has not started work on the Ukrainian market.

«Of course, for all the local airlines, the arrival of Ryanair is a problem. This situation not only in Ukraine but also in Germany and other European countries. Local companies are making every effort to Ryanair not gone in their country. It is the same when the market comes to any large network. For example, Zara. Local sellers and small shops are protesting, because they understand that Zara is a major player, which they will not be able to compete. The situation is the same with Ryanair. «Ukraine international airlines» has made every effort to Ryanair, we have not gone. So Ukrainian business, we can only state this fact,» said Khizhnyak.

In his opinion, in the future European low-cost airlines would still go to Ukraine.

«The airport and the airline was able to voice its position, but the user’s voice we can’t hear. Unfortunately, this whole situation will affect ordinary passengers who have to fly as before. But still, I think low-sooner or later we get, because the Ukrainian market is increasing. And for airlines it is very important. Low-cost airlines simply can not pay attention to the growing volume of passenger traffic in Ukraine. Today to negotiate with Ryanair did not happen, but tomorrow the situation may change. They rapidly open sales and just as quickly close them. It is possible that tomorrow they’ll talk to the «Boryspil» and will resume ticket sales», – concluded the source.

In mid-March, 2017 commercial Director of Ryanair, David O’brien said that the airline from October 2017 will carry out 15 flights per week from Kiev and 16 flights per week from Lviv. The cost of a flight to Europe from Ukraine had to be from €20.

On 5 July the Director of the airport «Borispol» Pavel Ryabikin said that it has signed an agreement with Ryanair, the text of the agreement sent to the main office of the airline.

«The agreement has been approved by all airport services and external auditors, who endorse all outgoing financial documents and contracts,» he said.

However, on 7 July, in Boryspil, said that some of the requirements of the low-cost carrier can result in the loss of the airport in the amount of 2 billion UAH a year.

July 10 Ryabikin said that Ryanair has put forward conditions that are unfavorable for the enterprise, and some, according to the Director of the airport, contrary to the Ukrainian legislation. He added that he will withdraw the signature under the contract if Ryanair will insist on their demands.

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian suggested that afterwards, the European low-cost airline announced the cancellation of flights to Ukraine.

On 10 July, Ryanair said that it cancels flights to Ukraine because of the failure to the Boryspil airport of agreements reached by the company with the Ukrainian Ministry of infrastructure.

Ryanair – Europe’s largest low-cost airline with headquarters in Dublin, the Irish. Ryanair is present in 34 countries and makes 1800 trips per day.

«Ukraine international airlines» has made every effort to Ryanair don’t you come an expert in the field of transport Khizhnyak 11.07.2017

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