Ukraine in 2016 has collected a record harvest grain

The grain harvest in Ukraine in 2016 was a record at the time of independence 66 million tons (in standard weight) and exceeded the 2015 of 5.9 million tons.

As reported the Ministry of agrarian policy and food, in 2016, also have record levels of grain yield: wheat – 42,1 kg/ha, rye — at 27.3 t/ha, corn — 66 t/ha, peas — 31.3 C/ha.

In General, the Ukraine last year harvested 26 million tons of wheat, about 28 million tonnes of maize, 9.4 million tonnes of barley, 391,5 tonnes of rye, 499 thousand tons of oats, 176,4 thousand tons of buckwheat, 745,6 thousand tons of peas, of 64.8 thousand tons of rice.

The average grain yield was 46.1 kg/ha.

In addition, the harvest of sugar beet amounted to 13.9 million tons with an average yield 482,4 t/ha, sunflower – 13.6 million tons (22.4 t/ha), soybeans – 4.3 million tonnes (23.1 C/ha), potatoes – 20.9 million tons (160,7 kg/ha), vegetables – 9 million tons (208,2 kg/ha), grapes — 400 thousand tons (95,7 kg/ha).

As reported, citing data from the state statistics Committee, harvest of grain and leguminous crops in Ukraine in 2015 decreased by 6.1% and 59.9 million tons, including wheat – 26.5 million tons, barley – of 8.48 million tons, corn – of 23.22 million tonnes.

The Ministry of agrarian policy expects grain exports from Ukraine in the 2016/2017 marketing year (July-June) at the level of 41.56 million tons.

Previously soobscalasi that Ukraine is the only country in the world, able to double agricultural production.

Ukraine in 2016 has collected a record harvest grain 16.01.2017

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