Ukraine has risen in the Global ranking of militarization on the 15-th place

Ukraine has moved in the Global index of militarization from 23rd to 15th place.

About this reports Deutsche Welle.

The document stated that for 2016, especially at a high rate, continued militarization of Eastern Europe.

«As a result of annexation of Crimea by Russia and prolonged the conflict in Eastern Ukraine the security situation in Europe has changed,» the report says.

Russia takes the fifth place. In the top ten – four European countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece and Cyprus).

The most militarized country in the world, 152’s, which are represented in the rankings, remains Israel. It is also due to high proportion of military personnel among the population of this country.

Most in the world spent on military needs of the United States, which are in the ranking only 31st place. The reason for this is that compared to GDP and population, US military spending are not the largest in the world, explained study author Max Muchler.

Earlier in the Ukrainian General staff reported that the armed forces involved in the ATO in Donbas in 2015 has increased significantly, and the number of personnel increased significantly. The personnel of the ATO forces has increased from 32 to 73 thousand military. The number of brigades (regiments) involved in the ATO increased from 8 to 25, and battalions (divisions) from 50 to 150.

Significantly increased the amount of military equipment of the ATO forces: tanks – from 210 to 360; armored vehicles – from 900 to 1400; reactive systems of volley fire from 80 to 230; artillery systems and mortars of a caliber exceeding 100 mm from 450 to 800.

In the ranking of the most powerful military in the countries that made up the Global index of military power, Ukraine took the 25th place. In the first place was the armed forces of the United States. The us government in 2015, the army has spent a 577 billion. In second place came the Russian troops, and China rounded out the top three.

Ukraine has risen in the Global ranking of militarization on the 15-th place 01.12.2016

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