Ukraine has promised in the UN security Council to sue Russia in international court. Europe urged to cease fire in the Donbass

The escalation of the conflict in the East of Ukraine and the artificial creation of humanitarian catastrophe is a war crime evidence according to which Ukraine intends to convey to the international court of justice. This was stated at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko, reports UKRINFORM.

The UN security Council: Europe urged to cease fire in the Donbass
US Ambassador to the UN, condemned Russia’s actions in Donbas and Crimea
Churkin said that the shelling in the Donbass is «a political alternative»

«The destruction of critical infrastructure and creating a humanitarian catastrophe – a terrorist practice directed mainly against the civilian population», — said the representative of Ukraine.

He emphasized that this tactic dispels the myth of the Russian propaganda about the so-called «civilian miners», who are fighting with the government using their guns. «Locals would never do this to their neighbors, but those who came to the Ukrainian land as aggressors, and destroy the Ukrainian statehood, without hesitation, destroy factories, houses and power lines», — he stressed.

This tactic is not new for the Russian forces. The steps «can be qualified as a war crime,» — said Yelchenko.

«Ukraine will present the evidence about the recent escalation newyorkny attacks on the civilian infrastructure and direct accusations of terrorism in the international court of justice. This is the first but important step to bring Russia to responsibility for violation of the UN Charter and International law», — said the representative of Ukraine.

Yelchenko added that the Russian side has ignored over 200 requests Ukraine to stop fighting around the Town, reports UNIAN.

«Since the outbreak of the war, the Ukraine many times, literally hundreds of times asked Russian representatives at the Joint center for control and coordination to use their influence to stop hostilities. Of the 230 requests made between 29 January to 1 February, to stop the fighting in the vicinity of the Town, all but two were ignored,» — said Yelchenko.

He also recalled that on 31 January, Ukraine has called for an emergency meeting of the Trilateral contact group videoconference, to «stop the situation», but the Russian side and its puppet refused it, arguing that it is «inopportune moment».

Speaking of that, Yelchenko looked in the direction from the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin said: «Really? Is this a bad time?»

The Ukrainian Ambassador added that despite calls for the establishment of urgent and comprehensive ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons, 1 February the Russian fighters continued to carry out attacks day and night, and even fired in the direction of the maintenance crews who were trying to repair damaged power lines, shelled houses and fired on one of the roads as a mark against the evacuation of the civilian.

«This is a war crime and nothing more,» — said Yelchenko.

He also said that since the beginning of this year, 20 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 134 were wounded hybrid of Russian forces and Russian-backed militants. Yelchenko during a meeting of the UN security Council showed everyone present a photo of 26-year-old soldier Andrew was Cisilo, who died January 29, defending the item.

Ukraine’s Ambassador looked in the direction of Churkin and said, «Look in his eyes, Mr. Ambassador. It’s your arms and your countrymen killed him.»

The UN security Council: Europe urged to cease fire in the Donbass

At a meeting of the UN Security Council, which discussed the escalation in the Donbass, the representatives of the countries of Europe urged Russia to stop arming militants and to begin to implement the Minsk agreements. About it reports LigaBusinessInform.

«We need Russia to stop arming separatists and withdraw its troops, including from the Crimea», — said the British permanent representative to the UN Matthew Rycroft.

He noted that Russia’s words are at odds with actions and need to start to perform «Minsk».

The representative of France to the UN Francois Delattr noted that the goal is the restoration of Ukraine’s control over the territory within internationally recognized borders, including the Crimea. He said that with Germany in the «Normandy format» of France will facilitate a political solution to the conflict.

US Ambassador to the UN, condemned Russia’s actions in Donbas and Crimea

The U.S. permanent representative to the UN , Nikki Haley, who replaced on this post Samantha Power, during his first speech in the UN Security Council condemned the aggression of Russia in Donbass.

«It is a pity that during my first presentation, I must condemn Russia’s aggressive actions. It is a pity because it repeats many situations for many years, when the U.S. had to do it. It should not be. We would like that our relations with Russia would have been better, but the grim situation in Eastern Ukraine requires an explicit and clear condemnation of Russia’s actions,» — said the representative of the United States.

She called on the Russian authorities to immediately stop the escalation of violence.

«The United States stand with the people of Ukraine, who for more than three years of suffering from occupation and military intervention of Russia», — said Haley.

The American diplomat also stressed that the East Ukraine is not the only part of the country, which is suffering from the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation. She stated that the sanctions associated with the Crimea, will sohranitsya as long as the Peninsula will be back under Ukrainian control.

«The US continues to condemn and call for the immediate end to the Russian occupation of Crimea. Crimea is part of Ukraine. Our sanctions associated with the Crimea, will be in effect until Russia will regain control over the Peninsula to Ukraine», — she said.

She also stated that a clear path to resolve the situation in Donbas is the full implementation of the Minsk dogovorennostey.

«The U.S. continues to support these agreements,» said Haley.

Churkin said that the shelling in the Donbass is «a political alternative»

The Poprad of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that the shelling in the Donbass can stop if the Ukrainian government will take «political alternative».

«Meter by meter win back, please… That’s how many people should die so they meter by meter marched from the Town to the Ukrainian border? How many Ukrainian soldiers have to die and peaceful civilians? And this at a time when there is a political alternative, consistent with the participation of President Poroshenko two years ago,» — said Churkin.

«I hope today’s a Frank discussion will allow those who really want to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, more objectively look at things in Ukraine to push Kiev to the steps, without which no peace is established. And it would be tragic if the situation we faced in the last 2-3 years, has been delayed,» — said Churkin.

We will remind, on January 29 it was reported that the Russian occupation of hybrid armed groups have carried out assault operations in the area of Avdeyevka industrial area to seize positions of Ukrainian Armed forces and that both sides suffered serious losses.

As a result of the shelling of Avdeevka remained without power, electricity and heat.

The city declared a state of emergency.

Rescuers urgently transferred to the plant ancillary equipment, generators and field kitchens. Avdiivka coke (APS), the largest in Europe coke-chemical plant, stopped work after the attacks due to the loss of power, managed to maintain an Autonomous electricity generation at the plant and provide heating of the Avdeevka coke-oven gas.

Thus from-for attacks of teams linemen can not reach the area of damage to power lines.

On January 31 the Russian occupation forces continued unsuccessful attack using artillery and mortars.

February 1 ATO forces repulsed several attacks of militants.

It was reported that illegal armed formation «Somalia» lost in the area of Avdeevka, about 40% of the personnel.

Ukraine has promised in the UN security Council to sue Russia in international court. Europe urged to cease fire in the Donbass 03.02.2017

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