Ukraine has not returned a penny stolen «Family» of Yanukovych tools — GPU

Over the past year in the Ukrainian budget was returned about 300 000 UAH «corrupt means» but money «Families» Yanukovych . This was stated by the Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO in an interview LigaBusinessInform.

Commenting on the message that last year Ukraine managed to return 8 thousand UAH. means of Yanukovych’s regime, KASKO explained: «Everything was returned, without regards to the assets of former officials».

According to him, with this very «interesting things»: the budget contains provisions regarding reimbursement of funds received as a result of any corruption.

«Deputy of the village Council, the militiaman, the Prosecutor. And the decision as to which account/budget article to direct them after the confiscation, takes the Executive office. Actually, the of such funds on the basis of convictions last year were about 300 thousand hryvnias. Not 8 thousand, of course, but also a ridiculous amount, given the level of corruption in Ukraine,» said KASKO.

However, he said that 300 thousand of these «not a penny of the funds of former officials».

«Therefore these inclusion in the annual budget planned billion — populism. Any specialist knows that in this period arrested abroad means officials of Yanukovich in the country will not return», — added the Deputy Prosecutor General.

To the question, does this mean that at the moment, not a penny of assets Yanukovych not returned, KASKO said, «No. Because to date not a single conviction by the Ukrainian court by former officials from the sanctions list. Even the first instance. Not to mention the sentences which have entered into force. No,» concluded KASKO.

As you know, in 2015 Ukrainian law enforcement agencies confiscated funds and property that were appropriated by corrupt officials, in the amount of 100 UAH 100.

It was planned that the amount should be a thousand times more and to reach 1.5 billion hryvnias in accordance with the law «On state Budget for 2015», but the Prosecutor General’s office «cannot cope with complex international cases».

Earlier, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the government appealed to the Prosecutor’s office and law enforcement agencies in order to complete the work on the actual forfeiture of about $ 1.5 billion of the assets of the Yanukovych regime, who were arrested by the decision of the scfm and court decisions, which are now in Ukraine.

«The amount of 1.5 billion dollars is actually part of the budget act. This means that come from seized property directly to the revenues of the state budget», — said Yatsenyuk.

Ukraine has not returned a penny stolen «Family» of Yanukovych tools — GPU 06.02.2016

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