Ukraine has not received from the Netherlands a request for radar data on MH17

Ukraine since the Downing of flight MH17 «Malaysian airlines» was shot down over the Donbas, and has not received from the security Council of the Netherlands a request for providing primary radar data of the flight. This was stated by former first Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Fact in comments Dutch edition, reports European true.

«If we receive such a request, we would provide data,» said Fact.

Data from the radar in the next few months were discussed after the investigation team in its final report on MH17 said that he had not received this information from the Ukraine.

Ukrainian radar station was supposedly closed for maintenance, at least, so says a research group.

Fact very surprised this explanation.

«I was shocked when I read the final report of the investigation team. I am 100% sure that we had no such request. I was in the Committee to deal with all matters relating to MH17 on behalf of the government. In this Committee I was sitting next to the Deputy Prime Minister, the head of UkSATSE and the Ukrainian research group. We were all requests for information. There has never been a query about the raw radar data,» he said.

His arm said that he did not know whether there was such data, and whether they are still, but, he said, the Dutch can always send another request: «If data exists, then the Netherlands, of course, can get them».

The former official said that doesn’t know how it got such a misunderstanding with the Dutch side.

«It can only be a request to the army, this military data. Our Commission and close them was not» — he added.

Information of the Dutch security Council really indicates that information had to come from the military: «At the end of March 2015, the team headed to Ukraine to obtain data of the primary radar data and documents from military leaders», — was stated in the Dutch report on MH17.

Primary radar, unlike secondary, can detect aircraft or unidentified flying objects, even if they are not equipped with a locator beacon. This means that the raw image could be signs of a missile launch.

During a hearing in the Dutch Parliament expert on radar said it was «very unusual» and «strange» that all four radar stations in Ukraine were held simultaneously maintenance.

As reported, on 13 October, the security Council of Netherlands has published the final report on the crash of MH17.

According to experts, the plane Boeing-777 airline «Malaysian airlines» was shot down over the Donetsk region in July 2014 by a missile launched by Russian anti-aircraft missile complex «Buk».

The relatives of the victims demanded from the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte to launch an international campaign to obtain radar images that can help to determine where a rocket was fired that hit the plane.

Ukraine has not received from the Netherlands a request for radar data on MH17 03.02.2016

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