Ukraine has lost because of doping three Olympic licenses

Doping test three Ukrainian athletes tested positive for Meldonium. This — wrestlers — Andrew Kwiatkowski (65 kg), Alen Zaseev (125 kg), as well as the representative of Ukraine in the women’s wrestling — world champion-2015 Oksana Gergel (58 kg). It is reported by United world wrestling (United World Wrestling), reports «UKRINFORM».

The doping of the sample, which recorded a small concentration of Meldonium in the body of the athletes were taken in the framework of the Olympic qualification tournaments. Only the use of Meldonium caught seven wrestlers — three from Ukraine, one from Belarus, Poland, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

Thus, the results of the Ukrainian fighters were cancelled and the international Federation, in turn, adopted a decision on the redistribution of licenses.

In the end, Ukraine at the Olympic games-2016 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) will represent 9 wrestlers: Jean Belenus (85 kg), Dmitry Timchenko (98 kg), Alexander Chernetsky (130 kg) in Greco-Roman wrestling; Paul Oleynik (97 kg), Alexander Kozenevski (125 kg) in freestyle wrestling; Julia, Javalgi (53 kg), Yuliya Tkach-Ostapchuk (63 kg), Alina Stadnik-makhinya (69 kg) and Alla Cherkasova (75 kg) in female wrestling.

In every form of wrestling at the Olympics will compete for 6 sets of medals.

Ukraine has lost because of doping three Olympic licenses 13.05.2016

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