Ukraine has fulfilled 17 out of 26 points of the action plan «open government»

Ukraine has fulfilled more than half of the commitments of the action plan «open government» — 17 of 26. This is stated in the report of the partnership «open Government», which in particular gives an analysis of the cooperation of the authorities with civil society.

Obligations relate to issues of access to information, involvement of civil society, e-governance and prevent corruption.

Half of the anti-corruption commitments made to a large extent.

The Ukraine action plan for 2014-2015рр. contains 26 commitments, which are grouped in five themes — the creation of an enabling environment for public participation in public policy, access to public information preventing and combating corruption, of providing administrative and social services, as well as technology for e-governance development of e-democracy.

According to the report, as of the end of September 2015. Of the 26 commitments, six have been fully implemented, 11 to a large extent, 7 — to a limited extent. The two commitments not started.

With regard to the implementation of anti-corruption commitments, two of them fulfilled to a great extent, the mechanism of monitoring of infrastructure projects and implementation of methodology of evaluation of corruption risks. The other two performed to a limited extent, the adoption of a regional anti-corruption programs and disclosure of assets on a single web portal.

Partnership «open Government» (SSP) is a voluntary international initiative aimed at taking governments obligations to its citizens to promote transparency, expand citizen participation in politics, combating corruption and implementation of electronic services and management.

Ukraine participates in the initiative since 2011.

An action plan to implement the initiative «Partnership «open Government» in 2014 — 2015 years, approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 26 November 2014

The draft action plan was prepared by a working group established within the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The main directions of the Initiative in Ukraine in 2014 — 2015 are:

assists in the activities of civil society institutions, their participation in the formation and implementation of public policies;

— provide access to public information;

— preventing and combating corruption;

— improving the quality of providing administrative and social services;

— introduction of technologies of electronic management and the development of e-democracy.

Recall, the official web site Happy started working in test mode, a new service Open data.

Also there was a service of electronic petitions, topics on absenteeism of MPs and their parliamentary queries.

Ukraine has fulfilled 17 out of 26 points of the action plan «open government» 05.02.2016

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