Ukraine has covered the Mediterranean cyclone

Last weekend once again convinced the Ukrainians — the autumn came. Chilly weather and heavy rains covered almost the entire territory of the country, writes «Today».

At the weekend Ukraine has covered the Mediterranean cyclone. Atmospheric vortex brought to our country by heavy rains, which fell mostly in the southern and Central region, though the deterioration in the weather was experienced the whole of Ukraine.

Had the inhabitants of Odessa: streets flooded with water, large trees pulled out by the roots, damaged cars. And even there was video as on a flooded road boat sails.

Due to the bad weather we had to suspend the running of a range of trolleybuses and trams. In Kiev from-for heavy rains had to reduce the city Day celebration. In the end, people had to get out of serious avtoprobok. The rains flooded and other major cities, including Kiev and Kharkov.

And while autumn feels the strength of the South, East and center of Ukraine, in Western regions of the vengeance knocks the winter. Because frost has recorded the first victim of hypothermia, but rescuers warn drivers on the roads in some places sleet is occurring, so the tracks should show vigilance.

Meanwhile, the Carpathians themselves for days filled with snow, sometimes up to 20-30 cm from the locals refer to the combination of greenery and snow like a child — some even mold the women and mushrooms.

Forecasters say autumn did not intend to let the conquered positions, so the Ukrainians better time to get out of the cabinets warm sweaters and rubber boots.

According to the forecast, the chief meteorologist of the portal «About the weather» Natalia Didenko, in the coming days the storm will cover all of Ukraine: «on Monday in the North and West, including Kiev, rain is expected. Air temperature is from 5 to 9 P. the rest of the territory is dry, the temperature is 9 to 13, and in the South — up to +15-17 C.

Tuesday without changes.

And from Wednesday will begin the roll towards winter. This means that on Thursday a network of atmospheric fronts will cover the Ukraine, will be pouring rain with sleet. The situation will complicate the wind, and the temperature will drop to 2-8 With the day and from -3 to +3 With the night.»

Previously, forecasters have predicted, what will winter.

Ukraine has covered the Mediterranean cyclone 10.10.2016

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