Ukraine has already dismantled 1320 monuments to Lenin

Ukrainian Institute of national memory says the name of Stepan Bandera 34 objects toponymy of 51.5 thousand, renamed during the de-communization. This is stated in the message released on the Facebook page of the Institute.

«With over 50 thousand renamed during the de-communization of streets, squares and other place names only 34 named after Stepan Bandera (in the Transcarpathian, Poltava, Sumy regions and Kyiv city 1; in the Kiev region – 2; in Ivano-Frankivsk and Mykolaiv on 3, Khmelnytsky – 4, in Cherkasy – 8, and Chernivtsi – 10)», – stated in the message.

Director of the Institute of naramata Volodymyr viatrovych notes that during the de-communization was dismantled 1320 monuments «leader of the proletariat» and installed 4 of the monument to the leader of the OUN (all in Western Ukraine, and all without the participation of the public authorities, the efforts of the public and local governments).

According to Viatrovych, «the attempt to create a «cult of Bandera» according to the canons of the «cult of Lenin» harmful both to understand its place and role in our history, and for adequate worship. But even more harmful is the attempt to invent this cult and to present de-communization as a «bancarization».

In August 2016, it was reported that in Ukraine dismantled more than 1.2 thousand monuments to Lenin.

Ukraine has already dismantled 1320 monuments to Lenin 16.01.2017

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