Ukraine dropped in the ranking of global competitiveness, and Russia and Kazakhstan — rose

Ukraine has worsened its position in the global competitiveness Index (Global Competitiveness Index, GCI) of world economic forum, taking place against 79 76 a year earlier. This is stated in the WEF report, published on the website of the organization. This year the participants of the ratings were 140 countries, UNIAN reports.

The drafters of the rating was assessed a broad range of factors (about 100 positions), including infrastructure development, monetary and stock market, public administration, judiciary, business activity, education levels, employment rates and crime rates.

The total score of Ukraine’s development on a seven-point scale was 4 points against 4.1 points a year earlier.

Thus, according to analysts at the WEF, the best score received education 6.1 points on a 7-point scale, the lowest score of 3.1 – macroeconomic stability and the development of state institutions.

According to the rating, the nearest neighbors of Ukraine were Guatemala (78), Tajikistan (80) and Greece (81 seats).

From the CIS countries, above all the rating are Azerbaijan (dropped from 38th to 40 th place), Kazakhstan (up from 50th to 42nd place) and Russia (rose from 53rd to 45th position).


The competitiveness index of the WEF is one of the main publications of the world economic forum, carrying not only information, but also a helper function for States undergoing economic and political transformations.

In 2013, Ukraine ranked 84th place in the competitiveness Index out of 148 countries, down over the year by 11 positions due to bureaucracy and lack of transparency of the institutional structure of the country. In 2014, Ukraine has improved its position up to 76-th place among 144 participants in the rating.

Ukraine dropped in the ranking of global competitiveness, and Russia and Kazakhstan — rose 30.09.2015

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