Ukraine could become a member of the Knights Templar

Ukraine showed that it can be a Grand Priory and full member of the world organization the knights Templar. About this during the press-conference in UNIAN on a theme: «the order of the knights Templar of Jerusalem in Ukraine. Charitable activities of the Order in assistance to the wounded in the military hospitals of Ukraine», said the great prior of the Great Priory of Bulgaria, major General rumen Ralchev, holder of the Grand cross of the temple, knight of the First degree.

«Ukraine has shown that it can become a Great Priorat, it has proved persistent. And I think they can already join this global organization… Ukraine deserves Great Priory and become a member of the world organization,» he said.


Division of International charitable organization «the knights Templar of Jerusalem» was established in Ukraine in 2012, and recently in Kiev took place the convent of the Priory of Ukraine.

The order of the knights Templar of Jerusalem built upon the principles, which were adopted by the founders of the knights Templar in 1118 and who consistently performed throughout the centuries, from the first rituals in the Temple of Solomon.

Currently OSMTH is an International humanitarian organization, which includes more than 5,000 knights from 42 countries of the Christian world, United by ideas of political and religious freedom, protection of human rights, humanitarian aid and philanthropy. OSMTH accredited to the United Nations as an NGO with a special status. OSMTH is not a secret organization, its norms fully comply with the Ukrainian legislation, religious and moral norms.

In each country OSMTH helps build an open society in which differences between people are respected and valued.

The Priory of Ukraine jointly with the organizations of Bulgaria, Serbia and Germany carry out significant charitable activities. Only in 2015 military hospitals of the SCU were provided medical equipment, instruments and medicines for the sum more than 100 thousand euros.

Ukraine could become a member of the Knights Templar 22.02.2016

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