Ukraine complains of a French Canal+ for a propaganda film about Euromaidan

The Commission on journalism ethics of Ukraine will return to the French Alliance of independent press councils of Europe with the complaint to actions of TV channel Canal+ and Paul Moreira. This is stated in the communication from the Commission published on the website of the organization.

The report States that the complaint would relate to the plot of the movie «Special investigation: Ukraine: Mask of the revolution», which was released in the «Special investigation» on French TV channel Canal+.

Thus, Ukraine turns to France with a request to review and assess the compliance of the norms of journalistic ethics of the actions of the journalist and editor who prepared and took the decision to show the story.

«French press, the Council expressed readiness to consider the complaint within the framework of cooperation of the bodies of self-regulation Alliance of independent press councils of Europe is a member of the Commission on journalistic ethics.

The complaint will be based on the materials of Ukrainian journalists and journalists of other countries who are outraged by the biased selected video sync, which distort the meaning of the comment and, in fact, are the attempts of the author of the plot to create «evidence» confirming their prejudices,» said Secretary of the Commission on journalistic ethics Tatiana Kotyuzhinska.

Recall, a film that told about the revolutionary events in Ukraine in 2013-2014, was released on TV channel Canal+ on February 1 at 22:30 local time. The film was made in the spirit of Russian propaganda and is intended to talk about «extremist nationalist battalions in Ukraine, which have become a threat to the government» and «the massacre in Odessa».

Initially about a propaganda tape became known because of an article in Le Monde, where she was subjected to harsh criticism.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked Canal+ to film from the air. Kiev accused the author of painting in the manipulation of comments and the generation of prejudice.

Note, the Russian propaganda machine is directly and indirectly trying to discredit the image of Ukraine in Europe, to disrupt its current Western geopolitical choice.

For completeness of perception of events on the Maidan is also proposed to see a documentary film «Winter in the fire», which even claims to be «Oscar».

Ukraine complains of a French Canal+ for a propaganda film about Euromaidan 04.02.2016

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