Ukraine celebrates Unification Day

January 22, the day of the proclamation in 1919 of the act of reunification Ukrainian people’s Republic and Western Ukrainian people’s Republic, the Day of unity of Ukraine.

This holiday is officially established in 1999, given the great political and historical significance of unification of the UNR and ZUNR for education United (Soborna) Ukrainian state. In 2011, the Day of Unity combined with Freedom Day, which was previously celebrated on November 22, called «the Day of Unification and Freedom of Ukraine». However, 2014 by the decree of the President of Petro Poroshenko, the feast was restored as the Day of Unity of Ukraine.

In the modern Ukrainian national calendar date 22 Jan occupies one of leading places and has a deep symbolic meaning: the eternal dreams of Ukrainians to live freely in independent independent state. January 22, 1918, with Universal of the Central Rada proclaimed independence of the Ukrainian people’s Republic. A year later, on January 22, 1919, in Kiev on the Sofia area, was declared an Act of zluka (unification) of Ukrainian lands into a unified Ukraine, approved the merger of the two former States of the UPR and ZUNR, emerged from the wreckage of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires in a unified Ukrainian state.

In the text of the Act of Unification claimed: «from Now on all the lands of Ukraine, divided over the centuries – Galicia, Bukovina, Carpathian Ruthenia, and Dnieper Ukraine will be one big Ukraine. Dreams, for which the best sons of Ukraine lived and died, became a reality. Now and forever will be one of the independent Ukrainian people’s Republic.»

However, the Association of Ukraine was purely symbolic: a few weeks after the proclamation of the Act of Union, the Bolsheviks captured Kiev, and later the poles occupied Eastern Galicia and Czecho-Slovakia — the Carpathian region.

The first celebration of Unification took place on 22 January 1939 in the Carpathian Ukraine (Hust), in the time — Autonomous Republic of Czechoslovakia. On this day, under blue and yellow flags held a demonstration of thirty thousand, which the local population gathered in the capital of Carpathian Ukraine from all over the region to remember the events of 20 years ago.

A vivid manifestation of the unity of will of the Ukrainian people for freedom became a «human chain» organized by the Patriotic forces 21 January 1990 on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of proclamation the Act of unification. Millions of then-Soviet Ukrainians joined hands from Kiev to Lviv, marking the Day of Unity. Since that time in Ukraine «human chains» were created repeatedly, symbolizing the unity (catholicity) of the Ukrainian people, and the Day of Unity is now celebrated at the state level annually.

Among the planned events for today: flashmob «Live chain of Unity» on the Paton bridge. At 10 a.m. the protesters will unite the two banks of the Dnieper river «human chain».

At 12 o’clock to begin the national round table «Unity for victory». The event will bring together experts, community leaders and political figures.

We will note, on January 22 on the occasion of Day of unity of Ukraine on some streets in the center of Kiev will be closed to traffic.

Ukraine celebrates Unification Day 22.01.2017

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