Ukraine at the contest «Miss universe» will be presented by 18 years old

At the contest «Miss universe», which will be held in three months, Ukraine will be represented by krymchanka Elena Spodnik.

This was reported in the organizing Committee of the contest «Miss Ukraine universe», reports «UKRINFORM».

«The winner of the final 10-th jubilee beauty contest «Miss Ukraine universe»-2016 became 18-the summer inhabitant of Kiev from the Crimea Alena, Spodnik. The next step in the work of the whole team of the organizing Committee will be an active preparation of the winner to participate in the international competition «Miss universe»-2016 and three months of hard preparation for such an important event», — said the press-Secretary of the competition Yuri Gulevich.

Allen was the youngest of all 15 of participating beauty contest «Miss Ukraine universe» in 2016. She first participated in the competition and his victory in it believes «the first great victory in life.»

To the question, why did you decide to participate in the contest, the winner said that this decision came under the influence of compatriot Jamala.

«The decision to participate in the contest «Miss Ukraine universe» I got influenced by my compatriot from Crimea — Jamala. She moved to Ukraine and many here have achieved. Her victory at the Eurovision song contest further convinced me of the correctness of my choice», — quotes Spodnik official website of the National Committee of «Miss Ukraine universe».

According to the girl, the biggest influence on her mother. Thanks to her, she reads a lot and plays sports.

«I am very proud of my achievements in the sport. In the 12 years I was in the youth of the Olympic reserve of Ukraine. I played professional handball for 5 years», — said Alena.

The last five years she has played handball and ahead of her was waiting for a brilliant career, but nevertheless, she decided to enter Kiev, Natsionalny University of culture and arts.

Krymchanka announced that it intends to continue to work on ourselves to bring victory to Ukraine.

«Try to do everything like Jamal to bring victory to Ukraine,» she said.

The final of the contest «Miss Ukraine universe» was held in Kiev on 29 June. As reported in the organizing Committee, the five most beautiful girls of Ukraine, except for Alena, Spodnik, entered Yulia Gershun, from the Dnieper, Julia Zakharova from Kiev, Yekaterina, Gubarenko from Vinnitsa, Mubarakshina Olga from Kiev.

Recall, the national contest «Miss Ukraine» is held annually since 1991 and has the exclusive right of representing our country at the International Contest «Miss World». In 2015, the crown of the first beauty of the country competed 25 participants from different regions, and got it to 18-year-old from Kiev, students of National University of food technologies Christine Stroke.

Ukraine at the contest «Miss universe» will be presented by 18 years old 02.07.2016

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