Ukraine arrested the alcohol Yanukovych in «mezhigorye»

Pechersky district court of Kiev has seized alcoholic beverages, which are stored in the «Mezhyhiria» for production regarding the taking of property of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and other entities.

16 December 2016, the investigating judge Svetlana shaputka has satisfied the corresponding petition of the senior investigator for particularly important cases of the second investigative Department of the office of special investigations of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Maxim Boyko.

Boyko requested in criminal proceedings No. 42014000000000069 of March 6, 2014 arrest alcoholic drinks that are on the territory of the tract «Ukraine» in Kyiv region.

The court banned official persons of open company «Tantalite», Yanukovych or persons who will act on their behalf or on their behalf (power of attorney), to alienate, to dispose and use the whole list of alcoholic beverages.

Some drinks from this large collection have more than 100 years of aging.

The suspect, accused, their defender, legal representative, other owner or the property owner, a representative of the legal person against whom the proceedings are conducted, which is not present during the consideration of arrest of the property have the right to file a petition for cancellation of arrest of property fully or partially.

Such a motion during the pretrial investigation examines the investigative judge, during court proceedings – the court.

The ruling of the investigating judge can be appealed within 5 days from the date of its Declaration directly to the court of appeal.

We will remind, in December 2015, it was reported that two bottles of alcohol, Viktor Yanukovych was stolen from the Museum of corruption in the «Mezhyhiria» and resold in London.

7 July 2016 Pechersk district court of Kyiv seized the vintage cars of Yanukovych who left in the «Mezhyhiria» after flight ex-the President.

March 2014 Genprokuratura investigating proceedings under part 5 article 191, part 2 of article 205, part 3 of article 209, part 1 of article 255, part 3, article 358, paragraph 5 of article 368, paragraph 5 of article 369 of the criminal code of Ukraine upon a taking by the former Prime Minister and the President, ex-Minister, ex-head of NAK «Nadra of Ukraine» and others buildings and structures of the tract «Mezhyhiria» and the house № 123-a on the Mezhigorskaya street in the village Nova Petrivka, Vyshgorodskiy district, Kyiv region, land, on which it is located, a total value of 1 billion hryvnia, obtaining illegal benefit in the amount of over UAH 650 million.

On this production is reported about suspicion, Viktor Yanukovych and his son Alexander, and Eduard Stavytskyy, Pavel Litovchenko (head «Tantalite») and Sergey Klyuev.

Ukraine arrested the alcohol Yanukovych in «mezhigorye» 10.01.2017

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