Ukraine and Russia exchanged permits for transit transportation

Ukraine gave Russia permission for transit transportation of cargoes and irregular transit of passengers by road.

«From the Ukrainian side obtained for 2016 of the permit for transit transportation of goods, as well as on irregular transit passengers», — stated in the message of the Association of international automobile carriers.

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine reported that Ukraine also received a similar resolution of the Russian Federation on the parity basis, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

The number of permits issued is not called. The exact quota will be determined during the negotiations that will take place in the first quarter of 2016.

The AIAC organizes the delivery of data permissions in the pick-up points. «When planning the transport must contact the point of delivery to verify the receipt of such permission,» warns the Association.

As informed on February 1 in ASMAP, the Russian side has received permission from the Polish for a refund until February 15, 2016 transport vehicles coming from European countries in the Russian Federation by transit through Poland.

Today, February 15, at AIH with reference to the representative of the Border guard service of Ukraine on Lutsk area said that through the checkpoint «Mokrany – the village of Domanovo» (Belarus ) with 4:00 on 12 February will not be the pass of vehicles of international transport with Russian registration plates and in the case of arrival in the Ukrainian checkpoint, these vehicles will be returned to the territory of Belarus.

We will remind, yesterday, on February 11, the Ukrainian nationalists and the military volunteers of Transcarpathia announced the establishment of roadblocks at the entrances in Transcarpathian region for combating and preventing trading in Ukraine of vehicles with Russian registration numbers. Today, 12 February, by the combating and prevention in Ukraine trade and transport with Russian registration numbers joined the Lviv and Volyn oblasts.

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine said that his Ministry has no powers to intervene in the situation with blocking of Russian trucks in Transcarpathian, Lviv and Volyn regions.

As reported, January 1, the government has imposed restrictions on transit through its territory of goods from Ukraine to Kazakhstan: goods must follow through Belarus and only through two checkpoints on the border of Belarus and the Russian Federation, and three on the border of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

Ukraine and Russia exchanged permits for transit transportation 12.02.2016

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