Ukraine and Poland discussed the creation of a new checkpoint on the border

The Ministers of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelian and Andrzej adamczyk, Marshal of the Sejm Marcin Kuczynski, Ukrainian and Polish deputies discussed the creation of a new checkpoint «Nyzhankovychi-Malhowice» on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

On the border with Poland stuck 1290 auto

This was discussed on 23 November during a visiting session of the commissions of infrastructure of the Polish Sejm with the participation of the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Krasiczyn, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, near the border with Ukraine, informs

«There are several checkpoints on the border between Ukraine and Poland, but this is not enough. Without a doubt, the construction of the duty checkpoint «Malhowice-Nyzhankovychi» is a real thing,» — said at a meeting of the head of the Sejm Commission for infrastructure issues Bogdan ANSA.

He added that the presence at the meeting of the Commission, the Ministers of the two countries is evidence that this is not empty talk, but a real necessity.

ANSA informed that this crossing would consist of one room, where border guards and customs officers of both countries could jointly implement the test.

«This would greatly reduce rashod for the construction of the checkpoint and agreed to by both countries»,- he stressed.

Press Secretary to the Governor of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship małgorzata Waksmundzka-Sarek reported that work is continuing now to create a program of functional use of the checkpoint, and in 2017 will be prepared technical documentation of the project. According to her, the checkpoint is really to build until 2019, with better roads to it from the Ukraine.

At the initiative of the Polish Committee on infrastructure was also made the official appeal to the Prime Minister of Poland, which contains the request to perform an economic analysis on the creation of the railway communication Kyiv — Wroclaw — Dresden — Paris.

Marshal of the Sejm RP Kuchcinski stressed that the development and expansion of infrastructure on the common border road, rail and air communication is the «Foundation for cooperation».

«Poland should support the message of Kiev to Paris. This TRANS-European Express I personally support wholeheartedly,» said Marshal.

The Minister of infrastructure and construction of Poland Andrzej adamczyk said that with his Ukrainian counterpart Omelyan he also discussed the possibility of railway development on the lines Lviv — Przemysl.

«There is a possibility of introduction of this message without the necessity of changing bogies at the border (in Poland and Ukraine different track width – ed.). Want to negotiate the trains from Przemysl going on in the country,» said adamczyk, noting that for this reason will continue intensive negotiations.

According to him, the Minister Omelyan agreed to start operating from Dec Polish-Ukrainian group that will be working on solutions in the railway sector. Adamczyk said that the group, in particular, will consider the possibility of railway communication Kyiv — Przemysl on a wide track, and from there the message will be based on a narrower track, which is laid in the European countries.

On the border with Poland stuck 1290 auto

In queues before border crossing points on Ukraine’s border with Poland on Thursday, November 24, as of 8.00 cost 1290 cars. It is reported by the Western regional administration of state border service of Ukraine in Facebook.

«Queues before border crossing points with neighboring countries as of 8.00 24.11.16 city of the Republic of Poland: «Ustyluh» — 350, «Rava-Ruska» — 300, «shehyni» — 150, «Krakovets» — 150, «uhryniv» — 110, «Yagodin car» — 100, «Smolnitsa» — 80, «Pears» — 50”, — stated in the message.

Queue Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian and Moldovan direction do not exist.

On 7 September the heads of governments of Ukraine and Poland have instructed the relevant bodies to ensure the improvement of the intersection of the common border and reducing queues.

Ukraine and Poland discussed the creation of a new checkpoint on the border 24.11.2016

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